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Their statement now describes an ordinary fact of life.
To hijack a word--marriage--that so clearly represents a naturally observable fact of life makes no sense.
Everything in the universe undergoes change, it is a fact of life.
The danger from avalanches is a fact of life for snowmobilers.
Lawbreaking companies and marauding journalists are a fact of life: they should be punished.
It is a fact of life that the tools of biotechnology do not come cheap.
Trying to fight this fact of life is completely pointless.
Governments are a fact of life or to some a necessary evil.
It's a sad fact of life that the history of war is inherent in humanity itself.
Whatever else it is, suicide is a common fact of life.
But there's a major puzzle lurking underneath this seemingly obvious fact of life.
Breakneck growth and dilapidated infrastructure have already made flooding a fact of life in many cities.
But tests and standards are a necessary fact of life.
Simply put, contagion is a fact of life in our interconnected global economy and financial markets.
And in a capitalist economy, strikes are a fact of life.
It is a fact of life that job and career can be stressful.
It accepts the target of its critique as a brute fact of life.
The potential for aircraft collisions with other aircraft, vehicles, and even pedestrians is a fact of life for aviators.
However, terminations are a fact of life for business owners.
And given the heart's importance in the body, that's a fortunate fact of life.
For the millions with diabetes, the ritual of drawing blood to check glucose levels is a fact of life.
Traffic congestion is an everyday fact of life, and it's getting worse every day.
For many bedridden elderly patients, bedsores are a fact of life.
Continuous change is a fact of life in public and private sector organizations today.

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