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In the sea this is borne out by the observed fact that highly productive upwelling areas are more acidic.
Pop psych lore is a bewildering mix of fact and fallacy.
In fact, being light-hearted boosted blood flow about the same amount as light exercise or drugs that lower cholesterol.
The former fact has been used extensively in the study of how certain drugs affect the sympathetic nervous system.
In fact, many plants have evolved such compounds as a protective mechanism against foraging animals.
One problem lies in the fact that the camera that identifies the fluorescing firefly protein in mice cannot be used in humans.
In fact, the answer is far more profound than it appears.
Yet this genetic fact has led to some divergent conclusions.
One fact regarding this claim needs to be clarified right away.
In fact, the researchers did not find any trace of the gene variant in their samples.
Now, you can do interdisciplinary work within a discipline--in fact it is practically required these days.
And the fact that people don't continually purchase higher education throughout their lives limits the downside for bad actors.
In fact, she says, she has done far more primary research as a consultant than she ever did as a graduate student.
None of that changes the fact that it's basically a tiresome, tedious, thankless job.
De-unionization is in fact one of the major causes of rising income inequality.
The majority are, in fact, progressing quite well and are fully capable of finishing.
In fact, many of them can be found at two-year colleges right now.
She kept that fact in mind when she negotiated for laboratory space and equipment for her research.
We need civil discussions on matters of scientific fact, not hyperbolic allegations.
In fact, as a candidate, you probably should strongly resist the urge.
In fact, although little discussed, it is one of the primary venues of teaching.
The fact that the extinction of the dinosaurs was even worth explaining was a new idea.
And the fact that people are permitted to shoot any animal from a helicopter turns my stomach.
In fact, the new hall is being created almost entirely with private funds.
In fact, he was feisty and prone to occasional angry outbursts.
The possibility of creating a long-tailed chicken with teeth and claws is based on the fact that birds are living dinosaurs.
Don't be fooled by the fact that, at first glance, the fossil looks a little jumbled up.
In fact, there's no knowing for sure the plane's true capabilities.
It is more real than fiction, but more genuine than mere fact, too.
In fact, those privileged few drinking a cup of the dark elixir were likely members of the high priesthood or royalty.
In fact, that particular species lasted for about a million years-five times longer than our species has been around.
After acceptance, the text will then be processed by staff copy editors and fact checkers.
Novella lets homeless people harvest from the garden--in fact, it makes her feel good.
In fact it rarely shows up in my garden, though the forest beyond my back fence is full of them.
Worldwide popularity is in fact the sole downside of operating an icon.
It's a fact that asparagus, a member of the lily family, contains the sulfurous amino acid methionine.
In fact, everything a roast chicken does well, it does best when bigger.
In fact, you'll need to clear out a pretty big cupboard to store a water bath canner.
In fact the two are distantly related, as both are members of the magnolia family.
In fact, buying supermarket flowers can actually be a brilliant idea.
If it weren't for the fact they wilt, you'd swear they were manufactured not grown.
It marries old opinion to new fact so as ever to show a minimum of jolt, a maximum of continuity.
The process of acquiring speech is, in sober fact, an utterly different sort of thing from the process of learning to walk.
But the fact seems to be that he was simply un-aware of the new movement.
In fact, it appears to be the perfect product for the plant-loving but absent-minded geek.
In fact, the improvements in the electrical efficiency of computing are nothing short of astonishing.
But at the same time, you show me aspects of this new fact or idea which in spite of myself mesh in with my existing desires.
It's a sad fact of life that some people do horrendous things and must be punished for their actions.
The fact is that agriculture means changing the environment.
In fact, you seem to thrive on the interplay between the two.
The fact that my first novel was a novel in verse gave me a stepping stone into fiction.
In fact, attempts to control growth and traffic congestion are among the hottest issues in local politics today.
Businesses can attest to the fact that transferring resources to families with children doesn't necessarily involve government.
In fact some natives are likely to see their incomes greatly reduced.
In fact, except in manufacturing, it has decelerated.
In fact, it's not possible to have a sustained economic recovery that isn't green.
But the fact that so-called quantum lithography is possible at all came as a huge relief to lithographers.
The fact that neurons emit light does not mean that they can receive it or process it.
In fact, it's even less efficient, because it has a heavy battery pack to lug around.
In fact, he says we're on the verge of discovering a brand new form of matter governed by an entirely new branch of physics.
In fact, you're going to be able to live anywhere in the world you want.
In fact, the online auction giant has a research outfit, although it's little more than a year old.
In fact the role that fingerprints play in touch is far more important and subtle than anyone imagined.
In fact, the muscles near an amputated or missing limb are sometimes used to control mechanical prosthetics.
In some situations, in fact, they could pay for themselves in cost savings and added productivity within two or three years.
In fact, it wasn't so long ago that the amateurs had a better time of it than the professionals.
In fact, evidence for and against that conclusion has been building for more than a decade.
In fact, it is only ten years since scientists settled this matter.
In fact, exactly this kind of behaviour is observed in certain types of cell.
In fact, the telecom sector remains a fabulous market for innovative uses of bandwidth.
If you were being really honest, you'd have attributed this to what it was in fact developed for.
They're so small and cool, in fact, that up to now astronomers haven't been able to spot them in galaxies outside our own.
Now the task at hand is to check whether this study is somehow flawed, or is in fact a finding that will shake up physics.
Even if that's an established fact, though, it raises as many questions as it answers.
In fact, it outweighs ordinary matter by about five to one.
As far as scientists can tell, this rule derives from the fact that the more body there is, the more neurons needed to control it.
Most of us think that the stomach is the main digestive organ, but in fact it does only a small part of the job.
In fact, quantum theory suggests that random events are rampant at the subatomic level.
We were sensitized to the fact that stem cells were going to be touchy territory.
The overrepresentation of certain founder ancestors is in part explained by the fact that they had more children.
It is a fact that he could stop the flow of blood with a sharp verbal command.
The cluster is in fact a textbook example of constructing your empirical evidence to fit your theory.
Nor does it mean accepting the fact that monetary policy matters.
In fact, that is the biggest problem facing the industry today, and its darkest secret.
Our ideas of literary pleasures and narrative have in fact changed in the last hundred years or so.
Styles have always changed and historians have been able to accommodate themselves to this fact easily enough.
The fact that the city now has enough to support a kosher restaurant is noteworthy in itself.
It's all about the avocados, in fact-the way guacamole should be when it's an ensemble player.
In fact, the perfect little rounds can be made with a makeshift pastry bag.
More important is the fact that spices were wildly expensive in comparison to the relatively cheap meat.
Actually, the fact that the book is so appealing shouldn't be a surprise, given the backgrounds of the authors.
The fact that it is remarkably easy to put together is a bonus.
In fact, people have been feasting on these birds for thousands of years.
The fact that they don't drip too much juice can be handy if they're intended as a roadside snack.
The fact is that food aboard ship was not always goo and plentiful and isn't always even today.
So the fact that she'd add a healthy dose of whimsy to the typically serious art of tattooing is no surprise.
But the fact is, there isn't one living system that is stable or is improving.
Soccer is based on the fact that the players never stop running, the ball never stops moving, and the clock never stops ticking.
It is also a key to an unsettling fact about our own civilization and its discontents.
For this member of the congregation, the climactic moment had in fact occurred somewhat earlier.
Every glance, every slightly lifted eyebrow, in fact every moment is charged with whodunits.
But the fact that that's the economic cheer of the day is a bit depressing.
Links to fact sheets on specific pesticide chemicals.
Radiation therapy fact sheets that help patients understand their treatment and manage side effects.

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