facsimile in a sentence

Example sentences for facsimile

Wanamaker even suggested that the postal telegraph system might someday offer a facsimile service.
The expanded system would also provide for facsimile and computer data transmission.
But it wasn't good science, not even a good facsimile of it.
With those tools, you can make a reasonable facsimile of a decent cup of coffee.
If ads can recreate some facsimile of that familiarity and intimacy, they could be much more persuasive.
The combination of shape and photographic details should make a perfect facsimile of your visage.

Famous quotes containing the word facsimile

Description is revelation. It is not The thing described, nor false facsimile. It is an artificial thing th... more
God gave the righteous man a certificate entitling him to food and raiment, but the unrighteous man found a facsim... more
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