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South-facing slopes get more solar heat than flat land and north-facing slopes.
Plants that tolerate low light are usually happiest near an east- or north-facing window.
However, seasons are well defined and permafrost hides here on north-facing slopes and in sheltered hollows.
Steel posts and beams replaced the original driveway-facing walls.
Position the bouquet on the frame, with the radishes facing up and the leaves toward the back.
Their out-facing or upright blooms range in color from white to deep raspberry.
The next morning you'll have two spider web prints: one on each facing page.
Make sure each cane has one robust, outward-facing bud.
Some have upward-facing blooms, others have horizontal or drooping flowers.
Within a few hours, apricots must be sliced in half and placed on drying racks, with the pit side facing the sun.
Look for outward-facing hellebores when you buy them in flower.
Diversifying beyond tourism and fishing and increasing employment are the major challenges facing the government.
She rose from the sofa in dismay and stood up facing him.
Each pole had in the side facing the other a socket into which a smooth cross-piece or roller was fitted.
She had dropped into her usual armchair, facing his, and was running her fingers through her rumpled hair.
The effort of facing a hostile society was bad enough, but that of facing friends was worse.
Do not stand upright facing the sun when you make water, but remember to do this when he has set towards his rising.
They were in two groups, one on the surface of the rock facing the land, the other on that facing the water.
His coffin sits on six rectangular stone blocks, feet facing north.
He was hauled before the police board numerous times, facing a smorgasbord of charges that should have gotten him fired.
The genre became so popular in part because it was so adaptable, because it could address the central issues facing the nation.
The males may or may not do this while facing females, and may even show such behavior when females are absent.
As all of us know personally, it's even more important when you're facing huge adversities.
With the animals facing oblivion, scientists got busy.
Eating fish from this group will add to the problems facing the world's fish stocks.
Many are commuting to jobs that are facing increasingly tougher challenges.
The president begins her second term facing an economic slowdown.
It then hops to its destination by directing some of the gas to sideways-facing thrusters, to propel itself backwards or forwards.
The incentives facing each sport are also quite different.
Such political tensions only compound the difficulties facing those who want to build more nuclear power stations.
The bank typifies many of the problems facing the industry.
Suicide is sometimes even met with approval-as facing one's fate, not shirking it.
Business-facing universities can have an impact on quality of life as well as prosperity.
The challenges facing college sports are many and various.
Individuals facing a medical dilemma are more likely to choose a riskier course for themselves than for others.
It will take more than credentials make serious inroad into the energy problems facing the world.
One aspect of survival when submerged in cold water and facing hypothermia is the psychological one.
Males were buried facing one direction, and females another direction.
The biggest problems facing albatrosses these days is fishing gear.
Medicinal plants are in vogue-so much so that some plants are facing near-extinction because of the demand.
Ocean acidification, pollution, and overfishing are some of the issues facing our ocean.
The biggest hurdle facing solar power is cost-effectiveness.
Imagine a tribe facing a long winter realizing that there are tons of eels going downstream in the fall.
We often hear the financial industry complaining about the new regulation that they are facing these days.
Put another way, families struggling to pay their mortgage and facing foreclosure need not apply.
Tortured and facing a firing squad, he never broke his oath of silence.
The blue cylinders facing each other are the imaging magnets.
After a century's dominance, the fossil-fuel-powered internal combustion engine is facing serious challengers.
Now, put one hand on each side, palms facing in-and type.
But the new reactor doesn't solve what is probably the biggest problem facing nuclear power today: the high cost of building them.
Look at ethanol: facing a glut and high feedstock prices.
The biggest challenge facing solar power is the cost of infrastructure.
Along the seaward facing edge of the barrage is a wave power generator.
Outsourcing companies also found themselves facing potential disruption.
And yet this is at odds with another of the great challenges facing modern science: understanding the nature of randomness.
First, the water approached the turbine buildings, which had been built with large shutters facing the sea.
And that made the problems that the companies were already facing much, much worse.
In other words, no one is facing away from the camera.
For the first time in living memory, the people of this fertile, rainy country are facing widespread food insecurity.
All claim to scrutinize every possible angle of the cases of condemned persons facing execution under their watch.
The protesters are eager to hear from many people on the issues and policy options facing the nation.
In fact, that is the biggest problem facing the industry today, and its darkest secret.
At the time, sports teams at all levels were facing pressure to change such names.
Coll has avoided a pitfall facing any reporter who is given access to secret government files.
Typically, the framed objects facing you on the wall present systems of interlocking colored compartments.
One of the major economic risks facing this country is the excessive use of debt at every level.
Ryan spoke in apocalyptic terms about the dire fiscal situation the country is facing.
But tell that to a lonely soul, facing an eternity of dreary day after dreary day.
Sue would sit at one end of the seating area, two large facing sofas flanking her and a chair at the other end.
Then the president asks in which direction my chair was facing.
Two rows of blue canvas folding chairs have been set up facing the lake.
If a giraffe is an animal designed by committee, a bulldog must have been put together by a vet facing large house payments.
Imagine two prisoners facing life in the slammer for a crime they committed together.
Directions reverse because you're facing the other way.
In those cases, the flows were seen on the cold-facing sides of crater walls, making it less likely they're from water.
They propped themselves up a bit with their downward-facing fins, so that they could see a little with their downward facing eye.
Imagine two children, one big and one small, facing each other and holding hands.
If any protein is an inviting target for the immune system, it's this outwardly facing one.
Physicists trying to make sense of the new measurements are facing the same unsatisfactory choices.
In the photos above, it's facing to the right and you can clearly see the three legs on its right side.
But she also had feet with stiff, forward-facing toes, an adaptation for walking on the ground.

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