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Booker has brought to his labors here a magical facility with words.
But such a change, which would require the framework agreement for the facility to be amended, again risks overburdening it.
Astronauts who reach the facility aboard one of these missions typically live and work in orbit for about six months.
Alas, the great research facility was closed-due to possible anthrax contamination.
Five bird and butterfly friendly home gardens plus a visit to a raptor rehabilitation facility.
There was no rupture, meaning all the damage was contained within the facility.
Never go to an in-house employer provided care facility.
Because of his facility with metaphor and his easy writing style, the idea subsequently became his.
Discover advances in marine science and the latest research programs at this facility devoted to studying the undersea world.
But only in the past few years have researchers been able to move neutral particles at a distance with any facility.
It would have been a fairly simple matter for someone to finance a loan for a locker facility.
Convenient and quality amenities include a consolidated rental car facility to help you get to your preferred destination.
To some, the large-scale facility suggested a menacing ambition.
However, it doesn't make economic sense to haul the unwanted watermelons to a processing facility.
Normally the facility receives seven elephants in a year.
Reduced flights have taken a toll at the sparkling, refurbished facility.
Make sure they go to an appropriate disposal facility instead of into the garbage.
Often the amount of ethanol created is equal to or less than the amount of fossil fuels needed to run the facility.
Additional units will be located in other public rooms, including the kids-only facility.
Managing an off-campus educational facility operated by the university.
The scientists started testing other gorillas at their facility.
Why not try our job search or use the jobs by email facility above.
Although there will be no staff members on site, the facility will be monitored around the clock.
Over the next decade he twice ended up in a state treatment facility for alcoholics.
Substantial facility in the accurate and automatic decoding of words.
We are working on a facility plan that should keep anyone engaged for several years to come.
We will build an environmentally friendly tourist facility and show it off to the world as a model of low-impact development.
There is however a facility to tour and administrators to meet.
But the fervid facility of his impromptus could not be so accounted for.
Visitors are given an insider's tour of the facility's launch sites, rockets and spaceflight simulators.
Maybe you worked with faculty in other departments in designing renovations to your science facility.
Also, you might check to see if the meeting venue has a facility for printing posters.
The graduate school is a research facility with researchers, some of who teach the rich kids.
Describes a robot at the facility that has been fitted with human taste buds.
The proposal suggested a single laser facility would be enough to remove all junk of this size in three years.
But he said the facility could still be valuable for generating hypotheses about environmental effects.
In the days before the quake, he was visiting the country's sole nuclear enrichment facility.
Their six kids were put to work as a urine production facility.
In a few years, there may not be the funds to operate the facility.
When an outbreak occurs undetected in a facility, viruses can mutate as they cycle through large flocks or herds.
The liability should fall on the facility and its staff.
Transmission of surplus solar power to a good pumped storage facility a long way away might still be quite efficient.
Graphical features that arise for perceptual facility include symmetry and orientation to the horizontal and vertical axes.
Everyone tried to get as tanked as possible before entering the facility.
The result is a microscope affordable enough for almost any high school biology lab or rural medical facility.
But maybe there are others more worthy to have their names on a radio astronomy facility.
Then the offloaded crude oil would still have to be processed at a refining facility.
Getting the bags to a recycling facility in the first place may be a hurdle as well.
And now, she's the director of a lab in a huge research facility.
Nobody has ever seen this kind of effect of the facility radars.
If it did work, every medical facility in the world would have a group of people whose sole job was to pray for the sick.
There's no long-term storage facility for the spent fuel.
Ultimately, he was able to stabilize me long enough to get me to the closest medical facility.
The facility was being kept clean and orderly, with good water and electricity.
His facility with vocabulary and various sentence structures is apparent.
He also picked up his father's facility with radios and household appliances.
Sheer rhetorical facility, whatever its appeal, need not denote originality and depth of content.
Therefore, the facility does not endorse the activity to protect the dolphins' safety.
The large facility is meant to reflect a change of direction for the bankrupt company.
When the cell is depleted, it can be sent in a preaddressed box to a recycling facility.
If someone has the resources and facility to pay their bill, they will not be scratching up cash for a phone.
Leave the charging to a professional facility that can then test and recertify the power pack.
In fact, there was a partial core meltdown at that facility.
He's turned out to be the best debater, thanks to a facility with the spoken word that is not universal in the field.
Design capacity reflects the number of inmates the facility was originally built to house.

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