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Horses are then put into holding facilities to be adopted or sold, or to live out the remainder of their lives.
Possibly, fuel could be stored at existing facilities if they can be expanded.
The museum provides significant supporting facilities and materials for research.
Car companies that didn't cash in on the preceding bonanza are now focusing on putting money into their testing facilities.
It has deflated endowments and disrupted plans to build new facilities and upgrade equipment.
The main university campus offers the full range of services and facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Electricity is mostly used in machine drives, for grinding and crushing, and to transport materials around facilities.
It is illegal for facilities to process out-of-state containers, since a state's beverage industry is paying back those deposits.
Nuclear weapons facilities aren't cleaning up fast enough, according to two reports released this week.
Community colleges' campuses and facilities vary greatly.
School facilities are excellent and include a financial trading room and an e-commerce laboratory for teaching and research.
Facilities were located in the capital city of each country and two randomly chosen regions.
The facilities at the station are relatively new and built to serve the science and the people who conduct it.
Then, they sent a portable atomic clock between the facilities to check.
The school is housed in a four-building complex and the facilities are excellent.
Needless to say, some of them spilled and ended up contaminating the ground-and groundwater-beneath manufacturing facilities.
They want to upgrade to a more-prestigious university, a bigger salary, and better facilities.
Corporations that design facilities to minimize their environmental impact may earn a financial return, too.
Using one anchor store as a reference point, ask them if various stores and facilities are close to it or far away.
The old manufacturing facilities are still there for emergencies.
The capital of this resource-poor nation profits as a regional banking center with a free port and modern air facilities.
The campus has ultramodern facilities with state-of-the-art technology support.
Recyclers send aluminum to material recovery facilities.
He also compared the ancient grains to malt produced in modern facilities.
The act requires research facilities to care for the animals humanely.
Facilities will include business-oriented hotels, a convention center, restaurants and financial services.
Others are scaling back plans to build new facilities or invest in expensive programs.
The complex provides excellent teaching, library and technology facilities.
Ahead are the x-ray machine and metal detectors that have become fixtures at airports and other key facilities.
Owners of facilities labeled as critical infrastructure would be notified as soon as this designation is made.
Legislated for higher security and safety standards at industrial facilities to defend against terrorism.
Instead, they ship samples to facilities with the necessary licenses and expertise.
Researchers used tobacco plants as manufacturing facilities to make protein to combat cancer.
Prestige is gained by having highly published tenured faculty and brand new costly facilities.
The number of prisoners in these facilities has since risen to extraordinary levels.
Developing nations often have a lack of medical facilities but good cell phones.
The truth is that what you can recycle depends on where you live and what materials your city's facilities can handle.
We had good facilities and enough money to develop real research.
Both facilities are now testing the treatment on animals.
Not to mention all of the diversion from education to build a stadium and facilities for training, and transportation.
The research facilities have been firing different kinds of radars at the skies this area for many decades.
Think of all the port facilities that may need rebuilding if sea level rises significantly.
It's also true that animals are increasingly common in care facilities.
The judge claimed the measure's description of the facilities it covers is too vague.
Most colleges do not, and will not, have sufficient budgets to expand storage facilities or build ever-larger libraries.
The general argument holds also for those in charge of maintenance and facilities.
Many of the courses are similar to those one might take at the nearby robotics company's training facilities.
Five facilities had underage workers, and two were found to have involuntary labor.
These facilities take all comers, they're not specifically designed for trauma patients.
Such homes, called special focus facilities, undergo inspections at six month intervals rather than once a year.
Gyms are using sweat equity to help power their facilities.
Visitors can expect high-quality tourist facilities and medical facilities.
With a rising aging population comes a growing demand for special care facilities.
Fortunately, new lab facilities dedicated to the study of clouds will soon wrest that field from poets, the geophysicists argue.
Future facilities will require not only more efficient reactors but also lower-cost construction.
Irrigating with collected rainwater reduces the stress on these facilities, as well as the need for new construction.
To them, this project is so exciting that they help me out with discounts on materials or let me use their facilities.
We have more momentum with film technology and more facilities for one-hour processing.
The water is purified and used to flush toilets and even hose down animal patient enclosures and quarantine facilities.
No significant investment has been made over the years in rural roads or grain-storage facilities.
The researchers blame part of the decline on a lack of indoor exercise facilities for the urban elderly.
Even where food is available, the devastation has left few facilities in which to prepare it.
The sit-ins were an attempt to desegregate public and private facilities.
And large employers could arrange for a weekly farmers market at their facilities.
Graduate students have their own designated facilities.
Facilities, including a business library and computer lab, are good.
Students have access to all the university facilities, including a full range of sports and leisure amenities.
Though the fuel is inexpensive, building facilities is pricey.
They are allowed to generate extra revenue and so improve their facilities and attract more students.
More money is also expected for community sports facilities.
Politicians' outbursts against hoarders and speculators have stymied the development of storage facilities and commodity markets.
There's no water in these communities, no education, no medical facilities whatsoever.
It also caused many energy and industrial facilities, and transportation services to shut down automatically.
It has not yet been widely used, though, because it's expensive to implement: it requires a lot of energy and large facilities.
Synchrotrons are huge facilities that can produce intense, high-quality x-ray beams for scientific purposes.
It will take a lot more energy, facilities and time to produce it.
Must be independently verified by government or government certified testing facilities to get tax credits.
The advantage of the rush into ethanol production facilities is that they can be converted.
Most people have no idea how expensive it is to place outside plant facilities or to repair them.
They provide safe and liquid facilities for depositing money.
Facilities in and roads to the north rim are closed in the winter.
Campus facilities remain open throughout the summer, which means underused buildings continue to be air-conditioned.
It's a glitzier, proven venue with nearly all the facilities already in place.
It does not include the cost of new trains, maintenance facilities and other expenses.
We provide building maintenance and upkeep at our county facilities to ensure a clean and functional environment.
Summer thunderstorms rise unseen, temperatures can drop below zero, and facilities are few and far between.
And many patients are treated in long-term care facilities where they may not have access to specialists.

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