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Example sentences for facilitator

My path is to become a learning facilitator for synchronous online adult education.
In addition to weather patterns, a major facilitator is the loss of biodiversity.
The role of the educator will shift from teacher to learning facilitator.
And with that, she shoos the crowd into the living room to meet the group facilitator.
But, in order to properly engage participants in the process of diversity, a facilitator must know where she wants them to end up.
Rather, some of these issues could help be a facilitator for future globalism.
There are a few districts that has an absolute set curriculum where the facilitator reads the curriculum with no deviation.
It is a facilitator but surely it cannot be said to shape the thoughts.
Transitional figures come in two main varieties-the historical footnote and the historical facilitator.
Technology is a backdrop, a tool, a method and a facilitator.
It should be made a facilitator rather than a hurdle to economic growth and social prosperity.
So the optimal role of a government is not as the investor in a producer role, but as a facilitator to adopters.
Finance rather than a facilitator for production of goods and wealth had become an end in itself.
Gold is the original facilitator par excellence for successful breeding.
In the online environment, the facilitator and student collaborate to create a dynamic learning experience.
One facilitator explains efforts to improve the grievance process.
You're a facilitator, not a manufacturer of mind-widgets.
Any good administrator serves as a facilitator more so than a manager.
His importance was as a connection maker, a facilitator, a speculative explorer of large innovations.
Making the effort to go out to people taught me how an actor can be a facilitator.
The hour-long gatherings are led by a trained facilitator.
The special events facilitator plans activities and trips for the club.

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Your toddler is no longer a baby feeling himself as part of you, using you as his controller, facilitator, ... more
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