facilitating in a sentence

Example sentences for facilitating

Facilitating collaborative partnerships to improve bear research, conservation, and husbandry of captive and free-ranging bears.
In such a design, heat spreads in all directions from a combustor at the center, facilitating the necessary reactions.
The minimalist design is actually a good match for the restaurant's mission of facilitating swift dining.
If the process is completely safe, then energy companies should be facilitating research.
And it serves as a constant connection to the web, facilitating quick escapes from danger.
These experiments will aim at facilitating learning and memory, enhancing creativity and increasing intelligence.
As others have pointed out, design simplicity provides fundamental benefits, even beyond facilitating user maintenance.
Inflammation encourages satellite cells to flood the muscle facilitating this precess.
It provides a useful and timely recipient of goods and services, thus facilitating their movement from the provider.
If facilitating good decision-making is the objective, though, simplifying computations is the clear choice.
The war against censorship should be fought not only by attacking businesses facilitating it.
Scientific knowledge powers the rise of new industries facilitating the growth and prosperity of a region.
Given a facilitating belief structure, the compliant subject can use the merest hints as triggers to delusion.
So might facilitating more new nuclear power through the energy-market reforms the government is developing.
But the real problem was the coffee-houses' alarming potential for facilitating political discussion and activity.
Indeed, the opportunities are virtually endless today for facilitating ubiquitous teaching and learning.
From my point of view, administrators are charged with simultaneously facilitating and constraining the creativity of the faculty.
Due to air travel regulations, many wineries have taken on the responsibility of facilitating transport themselves.
The teacher is guilty of facilitating an open discussion in a public place.
They are working overtime scoring, distributing and otherwise facilitating their teammates' efforts.
He was a pristine decision maker and a master at facilitating ball movement.
It's about equality first and foremost, facilitating progress toward equality through government.
The real story is a lot more complicated of course because you had the government facilitating bad deals.
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