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The cocoons were then put in hot water to facilitate the difficult and tedious task of extracting the silk.
It was designed to facilitate the movement of material during construction of the dam.
Volunteers and staff facilitate interactive experiments in chemistry, physics and genetics.
There are plenty of people out there who want something, and these guys want to facilitate that.
Paper was important not to facilitate creative collaboration and thought but as an instrument of control.
In order to facilitate the description, each subclavian artery is divided into three parts.
The power being given, it is the interest of the nation to facilitate its execution.
Magnifying their difficulties will not take them off our hands nor facilitate their adjustment.
Another play on words will facilitate the transition to a new subdivision of the technique of double meaning.
The tiger's lifestyle helped facilitate that rapid migration.
To facilitate observation they lured the creatures out of the forest with rations of sweet potatoes and wheat.
However, the operators who facilitate these trips may be more of a threat in the way they handle these sharks.
The fires are set deliberately to clear the land of debris after logging and to facilitate new growth.
Use the provided answer key to facilitate the discussion.
Moreover, additional jobs are created to facilitate the recycling process.
The report showed how in a number of cases export bans were relaxed in order to facilitate export.
My telescope has fans that draw air over the mirror to facilitate a quick cool down.
Blogs and twitter feeds have sprung up to facilitate anonymous reporting on cartel activities.
To facilitate writing posts, they've hauled a pair of netbooks up with plenty of spare batteries.
In cities around the world, minibuses and share taxis facilitate this kind of trip aggregation in more informal networks.
The motivation is to facilitate possibly large resource reallocation.
In their role as wholesalers, they provide trade credit to facilitate transactions.
Indeed the move would be politically disastrous for him since the government did so much to facilitate the merger.
Such sites transform every employee into an entrepreneur and facilitate all sorts of connections.
It's certainly true that, properly managed, experience can facilitate improvement.
The public investment to facilitate this access by more rural roads and extension services has yet to be scaled up.
Rather, these changes-which will happen for internal reasons-will facilitate the yuan becoming a reserve currency.
To facilitate censorship, the government ordered an end to live broadcasts of dating shows.
Poorly paid policemen are bribed to facilitate the trade.
Facilitate horizontal, rather than vertical, communication within the corporate hierarchy.
The first substances found to facilitate resistance-free electron flow did so only at temperatures hovering around absolute zero.
The finding could facilitate efforts to develop drugs to treat the disease.
The other is to facilitate orientation and communication among the birds.
We need to encourage that desire but also facilitate improvement by providing useful information to guide consumers.
Unfortunately, the only current benefit of this diagnostic test may be to facilitate insurance claims settlements.
Ventilation outlets that facilitate air circulation is nil.
Such changes might facilitate the rapid evolution of complex traits.
Not only may it help with easing stigma and clarifying diagnosis, but perhaps one day facilitate the triage to treatment.
It seems to me the mosquito release a liquid to facilitate sucking the blood.
But these proportions facilitate diving and swimming.
After, facilitate the following discussion questions and activity.
The lodge provides fly fishing and a catch-and-release incentive program to facilitate the continued fish population growth.
Information sharing and booking alliances between companies make things simpler and facilitate cross-border train travel.
Art is a therapy for those demons, and the government has some ability to encourage and facilitate that therapy.
They facilitate, rather than replace, face-to-face meetings.
Our challenge is to develop learning spaces that facilitate the learning process.
He's hoping these various archives will facilitate that, promoting interactive culinary archaeology.
The e-mail accounts served as a mechanism to facilitate the exchange of information.
We've laid down railroads and highways to facilitate travel and commerce.
Facilitate the transfer of these companies while the business owner is alive, or set up a trust with the kids.
One alternative to suing individuals is taking action against the companies that facilitate downloading.
And for me, sustainability is a new idea, and combining it with functionality and beauty will facilitate its adoption.
He organized foods into groupings to facilitate natural-language queries.
The goal has been to facilitate economic and technological change without promoting political destabilization.
My experiences have led me to a number of observations on ways to facilitate the process.
The simulator will facilitate financial bubbles, not predict them.
There are other ways to facilitate communication among countries.
Quantum tunneling has also been observed in enzymes, the proteins that facilitate molecular reactions within cells.
The cracks and the chemical ingredients in the fracture fluid facilitate more efficient extraction of the natural gas.
Our supervisor would attend when he could and facilitate the contacts.
It is my opinion that medicines facilitate cure but only the body and the mind can actually manifest a cure.
Dust work surface with additional flour, if necessary, to facilitate rolling.
Facilitate research initiative of the faculty and staff.
College structures facilitate innovation and flexibility within a strong collaborative framework.
Lecture capture is being used as not only a way to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning but also as a peer review system.
Ability to facilitate groups and interact with diverse students in a positive, developmental manner.
And grasping the culture of the region will facilitate your transition and in some cases be dispositive.
Administrators exist to facilitate and support the work of professors with students.
Colleges should consider using existing information technology to facilitate the sharing of information and best practices.
The job of a chair is to facilitate and bring about consensus.
The de-unionization of the private sector over the last half century has helped facilitate disastrous increases in inequality.
In those days, it was up to the chairs to facilitate requests for parental leaves and other such benefits.
We facilitate a team approach and increased fiscal responsibility.
My job is to facilitate the grants application process in my college.
To facilitate rapid hoisting, lifting hooks had to be invented.
The blocks are designed to function as an educational tool to facilitate spatial reasoning and pattern recognition.
In so doing, it could help facilitate advances in bio-medical research and personalized medicine.
These are all necessary to facilitate the exact degree of latent heat required to convert the opium into vapor.
Collins claimed he had been duped by his long-time client and didn't know they were using him to facilitate their fraud.
Among other things, to facilitate the consumption of overpriced beer and hot dogs.
Such innovations will facilitate increasingly automatic manufacturing, inventory control, shipping and distribution.
But for all the ills these shell companies facilitate, it's getting easier and easier to open one.

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