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The facts that they argue about are those for which they have easy, perhaps even facile, answers for.
Genetic explanations for this sort of behavior are often facile.
It's much fuller, much richer, and much more facile.
Her way of thinking which is highly visual and extraordinarily facile and detailed.
But so, too, will readers who find the blogosphere facile or lazy.
But it's disingenuous and a little facile to jump on him about this thing.
Yet it would be facile to say for certain that economic or political policy has thus moved to the right.
By the time a suitable job emerges, younger more facile and recently graduated will be entering the workforce.
Perhaps younger minds are more facile at solving puzzles.
If there were ever a time to move beyond our dangerously facile debate about cosmetic surgery, it's now.
Facile comparisons are offered up and then shot down, and for good reason.
It offered facile answers to complex linguistic questions.
To describe it as an exercise in facile crowd-pleasing would be too obvious.
Its facile fluent ease marks the versifier who could write two hundred lines standing on one foot.
Besides, the memory in the early years is more facile, because it is less burdened than in later years.
The third irritating habit is the flogging of management tools off the back of numbered lists or facile principles.
Solutions in your world are much more facile than in mine.
Some of the trouble is how facile intervention gets once you start down this road.
But lazy and facile journalism undoubtedly contributed to the climate of corruption.

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