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Today, as the province faces declining birthrates, its future growth will depend increasingly on foreigners.
The planet's fourth-smallest nation, they say, faces extinction because of climate change.
Dozens of sculptures with fierce faces encircle the structure and dozens more are part of the structure itself.
She was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and now faces robbery charges.
The fragility of this natural wonder is apparent: large fragments from recently collapsed cliffs lie at the base of rock faces.
With feverish eyes he watched the faces drifting past under the store lights.
Five faces opposite-five mature faces-and the knowledge in each face.
Faces are rarely true to any ideal type, but are a record in sculpture of a thousand anecdotes of whim and folly.
Standing here, one faces a magnificent vista, opening up on this city's special beauty and history.
Their eyes began to sparkle, and their ugly faces to brighten, with an expression of strange pleasure.
Our dreamers have dreamed about many wonderful things, but their faces have been averted from the mightier issues of life.
The participants' faces are studied for positive or negative feelings.
One surface, which faces the sun, is covered in microscopic pits.
The faces were masculinised and feminised versions of the same features.
She faces a series of other criminal charges besides the present case.
He now faces little opposition either inside or outside the party.
But solar-thermal electricity faces exacting challenges.
Aeroplane cargo faces even tighter restrictions on shape and size, not to mention the need for runways.
Modern cameras capture more than blurred images: they record the precise bone structure of people's faces.
Make animals and funny faces with your fingerprints.
But you walk on, till you see a group of friendly faces.
One hemisphere always faces us, while the other always faces away.
The participants were to point to photos of faces showing the relevant expressions.
They cried out with alarm or possibly in celebration, and their faces glowed with either fear or joy.
Large tumors form on the faces and necks of the animals, making it impossible for them to eat.
When shooting indoor pictures of people, some of their faces have a slightly reddish tinge.
Males have bushy white tails and folds of brilliant blue skin on their faces.
Without the faces these pictures become insights into humanity.
Some of the linen-wrapped cats still looked presentable, and a few even had gilded faces.
They're communicated by the looks on characters' faces and, more subtly, by the sound textures behind the action.
It's our private wind tunnel, test center and a driver to keep the project going with smiley faces.
Our brains are exquisitely tuned to perceive, recognize and remember faces.
We can easily find a friend's face among dozens or hundreds of unfamiliar faces in a busy street.
Infants communicate with their faces even before they are old enough to understand the meaning of their own expressions.
She painted the faces of one group of paper wasps so that they advertised stronger fighting abilities than they really possessed.
Animal and human faces display similar responses to suffering.
Furthermore, this neural response was graded, so that happy faces led to more activation than neutral faces.
We are exquisitely able to recognize other individuals and to read their emotions from mere glimpses of their faces.
But as with all developing technologies, the effort faces significant hurdles.
The patients can now avoid obstacles even in dim light, read large print and recognize people's faces.
Luckily, the moon rotates so that one side always faces out into space, making it free and clear of noise pollution.
The researchers found that music powerfully influenced the emotional ratings of the faces.
Happy music made happy faces seem even happier while sad music exaggerated the melancholy of a frown.
Human eyes, however, are pancaked on our faces and see a bit of each visual field.
All these components are close to deployment, but each faces major challenges.
Floor sensors track human movement, video cameras detect faces and gestures, and microphones pick up speech.
Both tried to replicate real human faces with lifelike expressions.
He then goes on to mention the fact that infants mimic gestures and faces made by their parents.
As societies grow, people encounter unfamiliar faces more often.
They were then asked to remain neutral faced while observing images of faces making an expression.
Essays by scholars of sociology and higher education on the challenges the professoriate faces.
Graduate education in the humanities faces a crisis.
Then everyone is shocked when a scandal, seeming to come from nowhere, blows up in their faces.
These two articles are worth absorbing as measures of the challenges the paper now faces.
Shown photos of strangers, even babies look longer at the faces adults rank the best-looking.
To get boyfriends, she knocks boys down and grinds their faces in the snowy grit.
But after occupying plazas and squares over the weekend, the movement faces a new challenge.
Red and yellow disco lights illuminated masked, shy faces.
Their hands and faces are more weathered, their clothes simpler and more ragged.
Now his agency faces automakers eager to add more gadgets to cars.
The company faces a variety of technological challenges including integrating all divisions on the same common platform.
Universal vaccine development faces a major hurdle.
Working on the computer also allows both faithful reproductions of actor's faces.
The drug still has years of testing to go and faces many hurdles.
The faces of literary characters as pictured by police composite-sketch software.
Writer describes his own difficulties recognizing and remembering faces.
Wisps of hair floated around their temples, and their faces were expressionless.
Only their faces, which have human-seeming eyes and mouths, were digitally enhanced.
They reduce us all to random faces in crowds of strangers.
Usually, they are the old faces, making new promises.
Others were leaving with rags still pressed to their faces, a response to the stench inside.
The look on their faces isn't simply one of joy and anticipation.
The two faces of energy are the primary reason why energy policy is so controversial and tangled.
She never averted her stony eyes from the faces of her onlookers.
Her fountain is the joy of children and of all people who lean over to splash their faces on a warm summer day.
As usual, there were enough famous faces in attendance to render the stars themselves starstruck.
We are a nation that faces its challenges and accepts its responsibilities.
He made fun of teachers to their faces, much the way he routinely does with people on the radio.
With no pediatric surgeon on staff, his doctor faces a difficult decision.
The challenge would seem absurd-but if you were to change the roses to faces, nearly everyone could meet it.
The luminous eyes stop scanning the faces around him to concentrate on the screen linked to his speech synthesizer.
She could understand the meaning of words and recall the faces of famous people.
Some of the neurons probably get signals from other regions of the brain that recognize faces.
Some captive octopuses lie in ambush and spit in their keepers' faces.
All users have to do is run the program then hold the phone up to their faces.
There's something extra special when you recognize so many familiar faces in the audience.
And finally, it was great to catch up with old friends and colleagues, to put some new faces to familiar names.
Another area, on the underside of the brain, is important for recognizing people's faces.
The family faces scores of civil and criminal lawsuits at home, ranging from extortion to fraud.
Across the dial, viewers have been flocking to established shows and familiar faces.
Photos distort members' faces and seemingly exist to only enhance a secretive aura.
The state is deep in debt and in desperate need of new faces and new ideas.

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