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The content of the phobia has about the same importance for it as the manifest dream facade has for the dream.
It really annoys me all this scientific research over animals whether it is cosmetic industry testing or this latest facade.
For instance, here's a thought experiment: let's say you live in a damp region and have problems with mold on your house's facade.
If they laugh and call you names no one will look at them and all the cracks in the facade.
The solar panels on the face of the building were nothing more than a facade.
Notable here is how the shapely, strange building was washed in color with an extensive facade of ceramics and mosaics.
Its flat facade conceals a soaring interior of internal walkways around an atrium.
Consider the clean facade of the iPod's control panel and the space around it.
Politics always overrides everything except the facade of scholarship.
Recruiters are smart people, they will see through your facade.
In other words, these rulers are simply criminal gangs operating behind the facade of statehood.
But for all the regime's bluster, the facade of normality is becoming harder to sustain.
It still baffles me as to why the junta puts so much energy into maintaining the facade of a democracy.
He has broken through the exalted facade of the system and exposed the real, base foundations of power.
There are surely simpler ways of getting the oil then all this killing behind a facade of human rights.
There are three hotels, one which physically connects to the brightly colored facade of the casino buildings.
Even so, much of the facade and interior remain true to the original designs.
The restaurant has a brick facade, a manicured courtyard with outdoor seating, and a stylish bar area.
But behind the facade of the ordinary is the extraordinary trauma of his hometown.
The base building security standards may include additional performance criteria for facade and setback, if feasible.

Famous quotes containing the word facade

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