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Example sentences for fabulous

There seems to be a profusion of fabulous kids' books these days, including many engaging books on scientific topics.
It does a fabulous job on the daily chore of sweeping or vacuuming.
Economics is fabulous and fantastical for postulating its conclusion then fabricating statistical validation.
It's of course worth mentioning that any errors there are my own rather than those of the fabulous trio of workshop leaders.
They were essentially part of the same cartoon family and all those characters were fabulous.
There's no shortage of fabulous archival material lurking in college and university collections.
It was because of the peculiarly contradictory way in which the capitalist system generated its fabulous wealth.
It doesn't matter how many fabulous courses with famous experts you took on any one subject in graduate school.
Glad you and your team are enjoying everything about this fabulous journey.
They are beautiful boys and it's quite evident that you share a fabulous relationship with them.
He has a fabulous drive to achieve, and that reverberates throughout his company.
McLuhan was a fabulous trickster, and in these tapes his talent for putting on an audience is fully visible.
Rather, they are showcases for perfect bodies in fabulous clothes and designer apartments-the real stars of every other scene.
Cool conference, and fabulous to be getting the reports.
Fabulous backyard designed for easy maintenance and near year round use.
There's beautiful scenery, a great bar scene and so many fabulous restaurants.
To learn it from such a fabulous cast of characters was a bonus.
Let's hear it for wrinkles--for those fabulous frown lines and high-kicking crow's-feet.
As temperatures plummet, be on the lookout for fabulous frost flowers.
Chowder tries his best, but his attempts to make himself more fabulous all fall flat.
There is plenty of room to set up chairs, blankets and picnic baskets to experience the fabulous entertainment.

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