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The articles above were published before the author admitted the book was largely fabricated.
They use admittedly fabricated guesses at the possible probabilities of various parameters.
Already, they have fabricated materials that flex or contract when a voltage is applied.
The principal part of a famously fabricated dinosaur fossil is an ancient fish-eating bird, scientists report.
These can be fabricated locally with local technicians.
Indeed, it is quite possible that this carving has been fabricated.
The sheet metal counter was fabricated at a sheet metal shop.
On the upper floor is a room-sized scale dominated by a wheel fabricated of milled aluminum.
Finally, if the models produce the desired effect, full-scale components are fabricated and tested on the track.
Quantum computers can store and process data using atoms, photons or fabricated microstructures.
Perry used custom fabricated aluminum hoops and galvanized livestock fencing.
The units are currently being fabricated and readied for transport.
It reads as ridiculously embellished if not completely fabricated.
All of these gasifiers are fabricated out of stainless steel so that they can be used over many years.
But, despite hours spent poring through his fabricated trading records, they found nothing.
The airframe, if you could call it that, is fabricated from a steel scaffold.
But accusations that he had plagiarized other scholars and fabricated parts of his research began to emerge.
In short, it is impossible to become concerned about a character so patently fabricated.
Far has admitted to the government that some of the information shared on the calls was fabricated.
But, turns out one of the scientists who told us downing vino would make us live longer falsified and fabricated data.
If it finds no evidence, or if this is proven to be incorrect or fabricated, it dismisses the findings.
It told, in detail, a fabricated story that departed in major ways from what my own eyes had seen.
Unlike silicon components, polymer-based semiconductors can be fabricated on flexible substrates.
In the past few years, a number of research groups have fabricated fiber structures designed to emulate setae.
The above comment and content of links are fabricated lies.
He has posted fabricated interviews and deliberately misleading surveys.
But it is a cheerful, nostalgic and personally engaging little picture of fabricated life.
It's all fabricated off-site, so you never see that work.
It's true what they say, childhood is a myth, fabricated by senile grown-ups.

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