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Goddesses are fabled to have contended for it, dragons were set to watch it, and heroes were employed to pluck it.
Now astrophysicists say they've finally discovered this long-fabled belt of antiprotons.
These fabled fish and their cousins face a grim future.
These discoveries and others give a sense of how grand the area around the fabled lighthouse must have been.
Needless to say, many fabled stories of her life are partly fiction.
He acquired his nickname during his fabled reign as a gangland boss.
Newton was apparently fond of telling the tale, but written sources do not reveal a specific date for the fabled fruit-fall.
Apple fans dreamed up illustrations of the fabled device.
With her fabled beauty and her film career behind her, she could at last turn her attention to humanitarian and creative ventures.
We'd also failed to find any of the fabled ossuaries.
These fabled mountains are the site of five national parks.
Short, powerful legs propel his trademark lethal lunge and fabled leaps.
The fabled melting pot was always a boiling cauldron of differences.
Here shops lining the fabled brick street offer a variety to fit any shopping mood.
Nevertheless, his published reports of the fabled strait attracted many other explorer to this region.

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