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So your eyewitness is unreliable by definition, unless of course they have a video of the event.
At the same time, military historians all know the danger of accepting eyewitness accounts.
None of the telegrams could have been written by an eyewitness of their advance.
It was as though an eyewitness from antiquity had stepped forward with photographs of the disaster.
As science has long demonstrated, eyewitness accounts are frequently riddled with errors.
Most of the wrongful convictions were based on eyewitness mistakes.
Eyewitness testimony is fickle and, all too often, shockingly inaccurate.
We are only beginning to realize how unreliable eyewitness testimony can sometimes be.
He also wanted to gather eyewitness testimony from residents who had seen the explosion.
Mistaken eyewitness identification is a major culprit, but fingerprint misidentification is cited too.
She posted eyewitness accounts online and even created maps that showed where the killings and beatings were taking place.
In fact, the authors detail several hundred incidents, nearly all with several corroborating eyewitness reports.
But that does not square with eyewitness accounts of trigger-happy soldiers.
No contemporary eyewitness account of the room exists.
There are eyewitness reports from people who fled the destroyed villages now in refugee camps.
Good prosecutors test eyewitness identifications' reliability by including nonsuspects in photo displays and lineups.
Eyewitness accounts of animal behavior during eclipses describe other creatures, too, as seeming upset.
Credit card records etch us in time and space more reliably than any eyewitness.
The subject is not one that can be settled through eyewitness accounts.
The bulk of information from that incident was two eyewitness reports.
Eyewitness testimony is another form of anecdotal account, as is the bulk of recorded history.
Eyewitness accounts are particularly interesting, since they give you a snapshot of the chaos.
Eyewitness reports describe fireball meteors as being brighter than any visible star or planet and even the full moon.
In this case, the state has presented evidence that an eyewitness identified the defendant in connection with the crime charged.
Many eyewitness accounts and photos of the disaster.

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