eyestrain in a sentence

Example sentences for eyestrain

Too much light contributes to eyestrain, as does too little.
The way the screens work cause severe eyestrain, and can even contribute to migraines.
But the price paid is a slightly jerkier image and a flickering that can cause headaches and eyestrain.
Writers and editors who use computers for extended periods may experience back pain, eyestrain or fatigue.
Mobile devices also bring along their own variants of the old problem of eyestrain.
Philips claims this reduces eyestrain and provides a more immersive experience.
Video game manufacturers are already pushing a technology which is known to cause eyestrain and which impairs depth perception.
Each time, though, it's done in by the same complaints: poor image quality and headaches and eyestrain from extended viewing.
Films can also increase visibility inside and lessen eyestrain by reducing the harsh glare that comes from strong sunlight.
Recommends accommodations to reduce eyestrain or enhance vision.
Employees complained of eyestrain, the seamstress struggled to thread her needle, and workers strained to find stains in clothing.
Eyestrain tired the workers physically and mentally.
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