eyeshade in a sentence

Example sentences for eyeshade

If you plan to sleep on the train, bring a blanket and pillow and an eyeshade.
The light did bother him then, and he wore a green eyeshade.
Mar- tin had looked at her from under his green eyeshade, saying nothing.
The plan's advocates claim that green-eyeshade nitpicking has no place in discussions of national defense.
But the green eyeshade he wears allows him to see opportunity where others do not.
But eyeshade evolution goes back much further, apparently.
In green-eyeshade mode, he'd buried himself in a top to bottom review of the military.
When fundamental changes are made to a program, the green-eyeshade types can't easily predict the results.
The days of an employee in green eyeshade poring over individual overdraft items are long gone.
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