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Sometimes his eyelid is too weak to make the selections.
One side of her face eyelid and mouth, was pulled sharply down.
The shuttered eyelid gracing the cover of this slim book invites readers to enter a silent realm.
Finally it pierces the orbital septum, and ends in the skin of the upper eyelid, joining with filaments of the facial nerve.
To ensure that eyes remain closed, she was taught to place tiny pieces of cotton on the eye and then draw the eyelid down over it.
And diamond-shaped eyes, which caused all sorts of eyelid troubles, are no longer demanded.
Cavernous hemangiomas that involve the eyelid and block vision are generally treated with steroid injections or laser treatments.
Sometimes, a suspected allergen is dissolved and dropped into the lower eyelid to check for an allergic reaction.
The surgery may be done alone or with other procedures such as a facelift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.
Then apply a slightly deeper shade of the same color to the lower part of the eyelid, and draw it out to the corner.
Her left eyelid droops almost shut, the lingering effect of a life-threatening stroke.
He says the nerve in the eyelid will not regenerate and he suggested surgery.
She gently pulls up his eyelid and carefully inserts a tiny sponge soaked with anesthetic.

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