eyelet in a sentence

Example sentences for eyelet

The lake's three greens know, and its darker churning, and its eyelet edge.
We had rented the fussy apartment of a bachelor professor-every wall sateen, every curtain eyelet.
Intricate cobalt embroidery dresses up a collarless plaid trench coat, which is paired with a soft romper and an eyelet collar.
The designers mix lady chic and glam, pairing an eyelet suit with a fur purse.
Sew the rope holes or reinforce with a metal eyelet to prevent tearing.
He could barely keep his straw, feather and leather eyelet creations on their hat stands.
Bending a tiny eyelet on the end, so it holds a drop of water.
Putting a water solution with chemicals on that eyelet.
The pantalettes are of cotton with eyelet embroidery.
Tie the loose end of the line to the eyelet of a barrel swivel.
The hexagon-shaped caps can be tethered to tanks by a string attached to a plastic eyelet in the top of the cap.
The wire can then be refastened to the starting eyelet.
We initially placed the joystick on the medial side of the eyelet or sheath.
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