eyelash in a sentence

Example sentences for eyelash

My point is not that students and professors should be allowed to knock boots without anyone batting an eyelash.
The camera attends each flicker of the eyelash in a face that has been worn by time, if not badly aged.
He can gaze at somebody for five minutes without the flutter of an eyelash or a nerve.
They were a first-star-you-see-tonight, blown-away-eyelash kind of wish.
The eyelash pit viper is accurate enough to catch hummingbirds on the wing.
Mites make their home in your eyelash follicles, bacteria colonize your skin, and fleas and lice drop by for blood meals.
There are little mites in your eyelash and they can pop out and crawl over your face.
Any use of over the counter or prescription use eyelash growth products.

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