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She looks good, bright eyed and alert and she enjoyed the bath.
Only sharp-eyed spectators can tell which one is winning.
Up to half of these gimlet-eyed workers will have given their services free.
Even starry-eyed outsiders who win elections on anti-corruption tickets seem to be captured by the system within months.
Spectacular though the show undoubtedly was, not everybody was starry-eyed.
Sharp-eyed visitors have since spotted the shrivelled gift lying on the minister's otherwise tidy desk.
His bleary-eyed triumphalism may yet prove premature.
Bright-eyed bankers peddle ideas for other combinations.
They watched great horned owl chicks staring amber-eyed from their roosts.
Two-eyed stereoscopic viewers pop microscopic beasties into three dimensions.
My sharp-eyed companions pointed out barracuda and a nurse shark, lying quietly in the shallows.
We sadly eyed the pile of dead bugs and one lone survivor.
Sharp-eyed dinosaur fans will also see a familiar name during the episode's opening credits.
The challenge is to do that in a clear- eyed way and not to devolve into self-pity.
He then led his pop-eyed visitor through one breathlessly beautiful room after another.
Museums will soon be armed with a new tool to detect your fake paintings: a sharp-eyed computer program.
The result was a one-eyed view that could not serve any purpose.
Even the wide-eyed gargoyles here seem struck by inspiration.
The antediluvian bug eyed monsters opposing this will retire soon enough.
It seems pretty doe-eyed naive to rail against agents pursuing clients.
The stated rationale is to preserve everyone's ability to throw out wild-eyed ideas.
They let you snap sharp photos of your pals at the pub no matter how bleary-eyed you're feeling.
But let it go, because the red-eyed tree frog's life is an extraordinary journey.
Even before they've hatched, red-eyed tree frogs have a nose for danger.
Bleary-eyed, the pilot stares at the instruments while sipping stale coffee.
Chameleons can crank up the camouflage to fool sharp-eyed stalkers.
They are, rather, starry-eyed extrapolations from experiments conducted on rats and mice.
The enzyme has recently been found in many human tumors and is being eyed as a new target for cancer therapy.
Tired-eyed dieters also reported feeling hungrier than they did when they had gotten enough sleep.
He jerks around wide-eyed and winds up as if to return the hat to its rightful owner.
It was going to make everything better, and slowly it would claim employees in glazed-eyed conversions.
For monkey enthusiasts there are lemurs, the spry, wide-eyed relatives of monkeys.
Or for its sharp-eyed discernment of the various drives that coexist amid the welter of human behavior.
It is about open-eyed acceptance, and acceptance requires persistent distance from the truth, and that distance is doubt.
That's not a wild-eyed or insane policy agenda by any means.
The chairman eyed his fellow board members, whose simple nods said it all.
As seems to be usual for me, the images are too far apart for me to bring together cross-eyed.
The other example, illustrated here, is the stalk-eyed fly.
First, the study replicates the common finding of some differences in perceived dominance between blue vs brown-eyed males.
Birds have good vision, but their brains turn out to be even more eagle-eyed.
Let's also be clear-eyed about the consequences of doing so.
There were bluebirds, hairy woodpeckers, and yellow-eyed juncos.
He was describing the development of the visual system, highlighting experiments done on walleyed and cross-eyed kittens.
As happens each year, the festivities included performances from musicians ranging from the bright eyed to the washed up.
At its funeral, wild-eyed mourners spy signs of life.
His charisma attracted both starry-eyed sycophants and spiteful critics.
It is certainly not the work of a starry-eyed idealist who believes that good will is a sufficient condition for peace.
The mechanic who deals with it is handsome, dark-eyed, foreign.
The book's largest flaw is that it is not as careful and clear-eyed politically as it is economically.
Total annihilation at the hands of blue-eyed destroyers.
But he had a thin-eyed simmering look that betrayed immense interior hankerings.
He had been beaten-there is a large bruise under his right eye and his wide-eyed stare is unrecognizable.
What mattered far more was a clear-eyed and courageous response to concrete, felt injustices.
Dark-eyed juncos, or snowbirds as they are widely known, are sparrows.
Our particular chubby, oyster-eyed fellow dumps off a pair of menus and a large book without a word or the offer of a drink.
Mortons was the place to star, and be starry-eyed.
By all accounts it was a fond and teary-eyed affair.

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