eye drops in a sentence

Example sentences for eye drops

Your health care provider may prescribe antihistamines in the form of eye drops or ointments.
Again, you are given numbing eye drops to prevent any discomfort.
Others may need two or three different kinds of eye drops in order to get their pressure down.
All eye drops can cause stinging, and some may result in headache and congestion.
Most people with open-angle glaucoma can be treated successfully with eye drops.
No existing evidence suggests that using eye drops or ointments or performing eye exercises will stem the onset of cataracts.
Antibiotic eye drops are usually used several days before and after the cyst is removed.
Corticosteroid eye drops may be used to reduce swelling and inflammation in certain conditions.
Laser iridotomy almost never requires hospitalization, and postsurgical treatment includes only aspirin and eye drops.
Patients say their eyes are dry and red, even though they are using eye drops.
But studies also show that many patients fail to use eye drops as instructed.
Corticosteroid eye drops help reduce the inflammation.
Eye drops to decrease the inflammation or lower the intraocular pressure may be used if needed.
More specific antibiotic, antiviral, or antifungal eye drops are prescribed as soon as the cause of the ulcer has been identified.
Your doctor may recommend lubricating eye drops or eye ointments to protect the eye if it doesn't close completely.
If an eye infection develops, your health care provider may recommend that you use eye drops or ointment.
The only anesthetic used is eye drops that numb the surface of the eye.
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