eye doctor in a sentence

Example sentences for eye doctor

Go right ahead and use them, but if you have problems, don't go crying to your eye doctor.
The eye doctor said it to me first, that without the eye you could never navigate through your day.
However, they should be closely followed-up by an eye doctor trained to treat diabetic retinopathy.
The eye doctor injects a bubble of gas into the eye.
She said her eye doctor thought her right cornea was a little damaged, but her eyesight had not been harmed.
The screening must be done or supervised by an eye doctor who is legally allowed to do this service in your state.
Your health care team can tell you the name of an eye doctor in your area.
Each qualified participant will have an eye doctor's diagnosis of dry eye disease.
If you are extremely light-sensitive, check with your eye doctor to see if it can be corrected.
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