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Example sentences for eye contact

He kept constant eye contact with us, as opposed to a lot of other players who close their eyes or sink into themselves.
Users can make eye contact with one another across the continents.
Drivers navigate the snarls without the usual tools of human communication, such as eye contact or conversation.
People must also feel that they are making eye contact, which involves multiple cameras and enormous computing power.
He made eye contact but said nothing to the witnesses, simply looking at the camera in the ceiling.
Those who refused to eat or drink and made intense hostile eye contact were selected as the first three.
She makes eye contact not with the viewer but with herself-watching herself watch herself, in an extended but closed loop.
Anybody in the room should not make any eye contact with the dog.
They avoided making eye contact, as if they were saving their visual focus for the fight.
Office windows open onto hallways so that quick eye contact can trigger spontaneous discussions.
Making eye contact with someone at their level, instead of always being looked down upon.
They normally have trouble making eye contact and are awkward around other people.
They make eye contact with us, and when they don't it is because they appear to be looking at a particular thing offstage.
It means a serious demeanor: smiling, eye contact, but not flirting.
Perhaps you're not making eye contact, or not listening carefully to those who speak to you.
So think about who you make eye contact with but also who is sitting next to whom.
Look up frequently, make eye contact, and smile at those around you.
For a history course, you may not be as concerned with eye contact and so forth.
Pay for beans without making eye contact with the cashier.
She looked straight ahead, making eye contact with no one.
Eye contact is a key element of polite conversation.
And if your not looking at him he will lean down and make eye contact with you whether you want to or not.
Now imagine nothing but silence and no eye contact for two straight years.
No eye contact, no thank you, no acknowledgment of any sort.
Eye contact is minimized as the health care worker's attention is instead focused on squinting at a screen.
The cover also breaks the conventional wisdom that the best cover pictures must have eye contact with the reader.
Gone was any anxiety about poor eye contact or stray food morsels.
As he neared the clump of still-moist droppings, he established eye contact with the group.
Learning to express myself succinctly, speak confidently and maintain eye contact has really come in hand on job interviews.
When meeting a business contact for the first time, business people should make direct eye contact and offer a brief handshake.
As soon as they walk into a room they're communicating with their eye contact and the energy that they give off.
Maintain eye contact, and try to keep your body relaxed, but attentive.
Don't make eye contact with the animal because it may consider this a challenge.
And that's after making eye contact with drivers in both directions before stepping into the intersection.

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