exurban in a sentence

Example sentences for exurban

The command post was nondescript even by the bland architectural standards of exurban office complexes.
The complex link between the exurban ecosystem and an elusive virus.
The area, dotted with megachurches, is predominately exurban and has a significant evangelical community.
The overall study also looked at ways three communities measured differences in inner urban, suburban, and exurban areas.
As coastal areas become more crowded, sprawling suburban and exurban patterns often characterize development.
The density and mileage of overhead electric distribution lines in urban areas far exceeds that of any rural or exurban area.
Residents in urban, suburban, and exurban areas should expect to see or hear coyotes at some point.
Existing urban areas expanded and exurban development increased.
Seeking solitude and escape, exurban migrants often establish residential developments close to or within forested areas.
The area is threatened by exurban development and by watershed degradation.
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