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Be happy, dear hearts, and allow yourselves a few more weeks of quiet exultation.
But some technologists insist that the site's ascent is a cause for concern, not exultation.
It is, in the best of years, a night of exultation and exclamation marks.
Politics in the past few months have generated feelings of exultation and horror but not much comedy.
Alternating between exultation and despair, emotional anguish and abnormal lucidity, his is a tortured soul.
Poets had no qualms about airing intimacies of regret and exultation.
But that shout, it becomes clear, is one of despair rather than exultation.
Sometimes applause is a form of pray and exultation.
The moment of finding a fellow-creature is often as full of mingled doubt and exultation, as the moment of finding an idea.
Into them it inspired no other sentiments than those of exultation and rapture.
The giddiness and exultation is natural and understandable.
Americans have always had a natural and splendid exultation in the uniqueness of a new continent and a new society.
It was a strangely serene and businesslike display of exultation.
But any sense of exultation by church leaders is tempered by a familiar feeling of persecution.
It starkly portrays a desperation born of disgust, and then an exultation at lurching into a brief, sociopathic freedom.
The president had spent endless hours of suspense, exultation, and sorrow there.
With the nods come shouts of affirmation and exultation.
The prisoners color was ghastly, but his eyes seemed to express a sort of exultation, rather than fear.
Indeed, such a rule would be arbitrary and the ultimate exultation of form over substance.
Darkness ended the charge but it did not end the exultation-cheers, huzzas and yells.

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