exultant in a sentence

Example sentences for exultant

We know enough to fill us with happy confidence and exultant hopes.
But museum officials have been less exultant about some of their benefactor's other generosity.
Spina's tapping was at variously times sly, insinuating, mocking and exultant.
Lucky us, sings an exultant empress at the height of her power.
At the last, the victor's right: the exultant crowing, a body taut with pride of power.
Later came the voices, exultant in the thrill of discovery.
She continued to smile, and there was something communicative and exultant in her expression.
When they shot him doing it, he didn't feel exultant or martyred.

Famous quotes containing the word exultant

O Sword, you are the younger brother, the latter-born, your Triumph, however exultant, must one day be over... more
I was afraid the waking arm would break From the loose earth and rub against his eyes A fist of trees, and the whole cou... more
... my soul stood erect, exultant, envisioning a new world where the light of justice for every individual ... more
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