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Example sentences for exude

The members exude professionalism, running the band like a small corporation.
She does not exude instant glamour.
In the classroom, I exude confidence.
The story itself jump-cuts rapidly between spooky locations, but Pickering's gothic-cute illustrations exude personality.
Don't talk the boss's ear off, but exude enthusiasm and give them a concrete reason to remember who you are.
I've always held that if you exude confidence and personality, people forget about your size.
Some parts of the region have started to exude a new sense of purpose, confidence and creativity.
The sponsors' aim is to inject and support the same excellence and sense of purpose that good private schools exude.
The basic theory of companion planting is that different vegetable plant types exude various natural chemicals.
With greatness comes the attendant need to exude a sense of responsibility and rectitude by word and deed.
Their tan, alveolate slices exude an aroma and taste that is positively fruity.
He seems almost physically to exude an inner tension.
Instead, they exude a humble, introspective star quality.
Three common species of lichens, the team has found, exude an enzyme that breaks down the prion.
All floors are picture perfect and exude comfort and elegance while creating a warm open living environment.
But my absolute favorites are the beautiful white beluga whales, which exude buckets of aquatic charm.
Easily disturbed, they may exude their water reserves and die.
The three-bedroom, two-bath houses exude luxury with heated floors, flat-screen television and leather furniture.
Trains exude romance, partly fueled by their image in the movies and partly by nostalgia for another era.
Visitors will find the environment cozy and comfortable, and decorations exude the town's nautical culture.
All rooms accommodate a maximum of four people and exude a contemporary style.
The cells would exude chemicals to hinder clotting, as they do naturally in the body.
And those that have achieved should exude pride in others regardless of level.
The innovators also exude more confidence than others.
They then exude an enzyme that liquefies the flesh, which they suck into their stomachs.
Musk is a component of many perfumes and colognes and is also a natural substance that animals exude.
My guess is that individuals who exude confidence are more likely to find a mate regardless of their income or profession.
If the human body can exude a liquid or solid, these guys will play with it.
Perhaps more encouraging are their compliments and the sheer confidence they exude in the fine, expensive products they sell.
Perle seemed to exude the scent of liberation, as well as a whiff of gunpowder.
Flowers pollinated by night-flying moths tend to lack color, but to exude their scents at night.
For the bitterness of sorrow could not exude out of my heart.
These algae exude surfactants as part of their natural metabolic process.
As a defensive response, tree plants may exude gum from bark at the site of infection or injury.
The broken cells exude carbohydrates, which the microbe can use as a source of energy.
Pavement marking materials upon heating shall not exude fumes which are toxic, or injurious to persons or property.
The contrast of the remaining leaves, the soft evergreens, and the snow exude a dreamlike quality.
Drops of clear sap exude from the upper third of the stem and solidify with exposure.
Leaves show small, circular, reddish-brown spots with scattered embedded pustules which exude spores.
Instead, they exude honeydew, sticky droplets containing spores.
Here are some simple tips to exude professionalism through your appearance.

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