exuberantly in a sentence

Example sentences for exuberantly

Runners stretch exuberantly-- and make the home gardener crazy.
Trees blossom exuberantly beyond the margins, dominating the page.
Funerals are big social events at which grief is expressed openly and exuberantly.
Nonetheless, the movie lacks an element of the symbolic or the exuberantly garish.
Pigs breed exuberantly and can transmit diseases to deer and turkeys.
Yet cancer cells that split off from the main tumor and lodge elsewhere in the body not only survive but can grow exuberantly.
The architecture of these theaters, stores, and hotels tended to be exuberantly-ornamented revival styles.
The motif also appears in the exuberantly ornamented ceiling.
It would be easier to tell you what will not grow than to tell of all which will grow and grow exuberantly, as well.

Famous quotes containing the word exuberantly

The books may say that nine-month-olds crawl, say their first words, and are afraid of strangers. Your exuberantly... more
Art is so wonderfully irrational, exuberantly pointless, but necessary all the same. Pointless and yet nece... more
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