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My parents' exuberance was contagious and I especially caught it bad.
In the vein of all great music expeditions, there will be copious amounts of youthful exuberance and high decibel levels for all.
It is inspiring to read about her energy, intelligence and exuberance for life.
There may be some irrational exuberance going on there.
Pilkey's irreverent exuberance is irresistible nonetheless.
Hayley's exuberance at their camaraderie is palpable.
That anticipatory exuberance cut across party lines.
The volunteers sometimes feel caught between their own creative exuberance and the school's demand for discipline.
The exuberance might be admirable, but the headlong dashing and lurching around are major distractions.
They seemed a bit put off by your excitement and exuberance.
His exuberance and boyish projection of triumph led to an addiction to taking aim from afar and wasting ammunition.
But my perspective was of the exuberance, not the limits, of life.
Within the caves, the monochrome lifelessness of the desert gave way to an exuberance of color and movement.
Here, too, the exuberance of life pressed down on the cottages.
But before long, the exuberance over houses becomes more clearly irrational and the market comes crashing down.
In fact, it's irrational exuberance that creates all bubbles.
Humiliation soon morphs into relief, then wonder, then unabashed exuberance.
From thence it is carried off not so much by the declivity of the ground as by its own weight and exuberance.
But this grammatical exuberance the scheme of my work did not allow me to repress.
His exuberance of imagery also upon occasion betrayed him into incongruity and bathos.
Spring and sunrise are forever miracles, but the early hour of the wonder hardly hints the exuberance of its fulfilment.
During this period, there is ample evidence of physical and mental exuberance, but little of poetic activity.
It shows in the exuberance of the prose, and in the inventiveness of the plot.
Triumphant bulls have come up with many different explanations for the markets' exuberance.
After the over-exuberance of the dotcom boom they wisely focused on cutting costs.
What makes these creations so winning is their exuberance not skilful mastery of technique or sophisticated drawing.
There are also signs of irrational exuberance among some investors.
Given the complexity of their job, that was truly irrational exuberance.
The over-exuberance of some marketers has also irked regulators.
Others argue the games will create such exuberance that consumers will rush to the shops filled with a desire to buy things.
But considering the way things have gone in the past years, the exuberance was understandable.
The revival of the singles market meant a revival of acts catering to it-a revival, that is, of novelty and exuberance.
The movie retains the novel's exuberance, but turns much darker in tone.
He was selling a kind of thrilling, childlike exuberance.
He veered between fits of exuberance and depression.
It's time to rein in the irrational exuberance of those who raise political money.
When the camera went away, so did the exuberance that had temporarily filled the room.
What makes it work is the sheer exuberance of the performances, the roar coming from the speakers.
Alex jumped in and saved me with his sheer exuberance on the final choruses.
Unsurprisingly, this exuberance lured more investors to the market, investing on margin with borrowed money.
Until the siege, the city had bubbled with a kind of exuberance.
As investments, they are living proof of irrational exuberance, a leading indicator of our loss of fiscal discipline.
But local officials may now be at the forefront of curtailing some of that exuberance.
Behind all this flash and exuberance is a stark reality.
In a country that takes special pride in preserving public order, romantic exuberance rarely overwhelms regimentation so publicly.
Americans decorate the outsides of their houses with the same exuberance that they use on the inside.
Step on a dog sled and be carried away by the exuberance of a team in harness and the soft swish of sled runners on snow.
His rich colors, energetic brushwork, and lively compositions epitomize the exuberance of baroque art.

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