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It has taken months to extricate it, but finally I have it back.
Unable to extricate himself, after several days he dies of thirst within plain sight of freedom.
That strategy once helped me to extricate myself from an ugly work environment.
Yet the heroine finds it difficult to extricate herself from her mother's tantalizing sphere of influence.
He often said it as he tried to extricate himself from trouble with his dry wit.
To extricate it, engineers had to dig out snow and mud under a bent tank tread.
Doubly so when it is impossible to extricate oneself from the bind of that definition, even when it clearly does not apply.
So it has become difficult to extricate the equity risk premium over corporate debt returns.
Double dip is not a term that a government keen to extricate itself from the economic-crisis-management business likes to hear.
In this case, the hood of the victims sweatshirt was caught and he was not able to extricate himself from the machine.
The crane cab was submerged, and it required about thirteen minutes to extricate the operator.
When this was not possible, an engineer officer would post a group near the trouble spot to extricate wagons and artillery pieces.
These agreements extricate traditional restrictions on frequency, capacity and gateways for airlines of the participating nations.
Taking heavy fire, the helicopter lurched and attempted to take-off to extricate itself from the field of fire.
Locate, extricate and provide for the immediate medical treatment of victims trapped in collapsed structures.

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