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Lower extremity venography is a test used to see the veins in the leg.
To many of his colleagues, he seemed to take delight in testing the limits of the law to their extremity.
Shown here is erythema following the vascular pattern on a lower extremity.
So would many other countries, in their own extremity.
Most common reported injuries were lacerations and upper extremity injuries.
However, the extremity of the cost does create a strong disincentive.
Studies of the bones of the upper extremity indicate that he was right-handed.
The possible failure of our water supply naturally draws attention to all available resources in such an extremity.
Each character is carried to an unnatural extremity.
The dot-com revolution stretched valuations to extremity.
Call for an appointment with your health care provider if you have pain or difficulty straightening a joint or extremity.
To reduce discomfort and swelling, support stockings and elevation of the affected extremity are recommended.
Lower-extremity muscle strains, particularly hamstring strains, are problematic regardless of position.
Browning gently evokes the kinds of morality that could function in such a situation of extremity.
In the upper extremity the sesamoid bones of the joints are found only on the palmar surface of the hand.
The mediastinum testis extends from the upper to near the lower extremity of the gland, and is wider above than below.

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