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Example sentences for extremities

Nerve endings in the extremities go numb or tingle as if pricked by thousands of needles.
The machine symbolizes the industrial forestry that dominates the southern and northern extremities of the region.
All accounts of this incident agree that the victims' mouths and extremities were blue.
Or maybe it helped keep the extremities warmer by losing the water.
Basically, the spinal fluid in the middle of his head pushed the brain tissues to the extremities of the skull.
Ossification begins in the center of the body, about the seventh week of fetal life, and gradually extends toward the extremities.
It has two surfaces, two borders, and two extremities.
Two or more of the cartilages often unite, partially or completely, and they are sometimes bifurcated at their extremities.
Ossification begins in the body about the eighth week of fetal life, and extends toward the extremities.
It started with scaly red patches on his face and extremities, but within two weeks he was covered with a weeping bumpy rash.
Saints in the extremities of temptation are capable of nightmares beyond normal human fear.
Yet to visit all the system's extremities is to see that the last stop is not a single, monolithic place.

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