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Math concepts are extremely difficult to convey, while explaining .
Your job is extremely fulfilling.
Jim is known to be extremely calm and focused under pressure.
This will be extremely useful in a number of ways.
In addition, we have realized that this extremely important activity is so extremely profitable one.
The goal is to develop a small clan of 10-20 extremely elite players.
Small business tax issues are extremely complicated.
Admission stardards are already extremely low.
This is an extremely tendentious way to look at this data.
From her infancy she was extremely charitable and devout.
Oracle offers a progressive, learning environment and extremely attractive compensation packages.
It is later found to be a neutron star-a tiny, extremely dense star.
It turns out that growing crystals is an extremely sensitive process.
And not far from where the brook met the sea was what would later become an extremely famous rock.
But he was extremely protective of his own authority.
The percentage of people who survive active addiction is extremely small.
He himself viewed his work and his calling in an extremely lofty light.
It is also extremely demanding--and you feel overwhelmed.
Good specimens of such soft-tissue organisms are extremely rare.
Early humans living about one million years ago were extremely close to extinction.
But such cryopreservation of human eggs has proved an extremely difficult technique to master.
Extremely miniaturized tools can inexpensively measure and manipulate molecules for systems medicine.
The final system comes with an extremely high degree of integrity built in.
Extremely unlikely, scientists say, but stress may play a role in a more gradual graying process.
Radio waves are not harmful but are in fact extremely useful for communicating across long distances.
The cephalopods also have extremely well developed eyes, which are believed to detect both the color and intensity of light.
Certain varieties are fast growing yet extremely rugged.
There are receptors located in the skin, in the brain and in the spinal cord, so it's extremely complicated.
More industrial epidemiology of this kind could improve worker health protections, many of which are extremely outdated.
The problem is that these biological signals, important as they are, are also extremely faint.
We have begun to develop atomic clocks and extremely sensitive accelerometers.
When you first go into extremely cold water there is this weird response called a cold shock response.
His vivid use of metaphor and his accessible writing style have made his books extremely popular.
But scientists warn that this volcano is extremely unpredictable.
Aether variables are extremely common in my own field of economics.
And historically, it has been extremely difficult to address debts of these magnitudes.
If western intelligence services know better than the rest of us, they are keeping their knowledge extremely quiet.
Some markets have been doing extremely well, even if more uncertainty has crept in lately.
Although it is theoretically possible to make money by outperforming the markets, it is extremely difficult in practice.
Getting one's own material out and into circulation in a popular format will, with these systems, be extremely easy.
Those lessons are often extremely uncomfortable, and always arrive unexpectedly.
As the one being observed, you can receive some extremely valuable feedback from a peer.
Even if you are extremely careful and collegial, problems can fester, and in some cases nothing you can do will ease the animus.
Many careers do not require a college education and some of these careers pay extremely well.
For me, the experience was a bit frightening and extremely frustrating.
Federal financing has proved to be extremely volatile, even before this week's ruling.
Online education is characterized by extremely low fixed costs and low marginal costs.
The quality of the faculty and students is going to be extremely important.
His tools are small, beautiful, and extremely useful.
Ultimately, in the field of computer science, that logic would prove extremely useful.
Often, temperatures increase with height in this layer and relative humidities are extremely low.
Hurricanes draw their power from warm, extremely humid air found only over warm oceans.
The deep-dwelling fish are extremely tough to study.
Sudden and dramatic drops in barometric pressure are what produce the extremely high winds in tornadoes and hurricanes.
Pilot whales are extremely social animals, living in pods that sometimes contain hundreds of individuals.
There are a number of other pieces of evidence of life collected from extremely old rocks, but these have been vigorously debated.
Many of these cave systems are extremely vulnerable to current development plans.
Underwater archaeology is an extremely arduous as well as intellectual endeavor, which seemed perfectly suited to the group.
Nature tends to evolve specialized molecules that perform single functions extremely well.
Deaths and injuries to people from all four of these large predators are still extremely rare but not as rare as they once were.
Left unprotected, these species face an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.
Detecting actions in the fossil record is extremely tough.
Her family was extremely well-to-do, and connected by marriage with a spreading circle of other well-to-do families.
Here also the results have been extremely satisfactory, and in beautiful harmony with the pathological principles indicated above.
The idea of putting the whole into the mouth of a representative of the people is extremely happy.
Simultaneous buying and selling makes the economy extremely efficient.
Some even manage to worry about hyperinflation, that is, extremely rapid and uncontrolled increase in the price level.
Unlike any single piece of print journalism, its borders are extremely porous and its truth inherently transitory.
The computing machine is fundamentally an extremely useful device.
Not only are their financial resources extremely limited, but what little they have may easily be misused.
The two early symphonies are uneven but extremely interesting experimental works, and are quite different from each other.
Such products are often extremely expensive when they first come out, and beyond the range of ordinary households.
It's pretty, too: each grain has a pearlescent halo, which turns out to be the extremely nutritious germ.
It's an extremely diverse culture and an extremely underestimated community.
The famous theory whose effects have been so far-reaching is extremely simple.
Producing fissile uranium is difficult and time-consuming, and the machinery required to do it is extremely sensitive.
Financial markets are an extremely valuable contributor to the economy.
In looking at the recipe, you'll note that the soup is extremely adaptable to the contents of your refrigerator and to the season.
The message from scientists at this point couldn't be clearer: the world's emissions trajectory is extremely dangerous.
Magicians are, in their relations with one another, both extremely generous and extremely jealous.
My vow must have seemed to you extremely cruel, or insane.
He is six feet one and blindingly handsome, and also-a rare feature-extremely sweet.
The intersection was brightly lighted-two searchlights played on nearby buildings-and at this hour the area was extremely noisy.
He has the extremely rare ability to run the entire movie in his head.
Describes the pasta water and how to clean the extremely hot pasta cooker.
But standard tests cannot identify all problems, and many extremely serious conditions go undetected until birth.
Visualizing these densely packed units individually has proved extremely challenging.
In general, quantum computers could be extremely efficient at encryption and data searching.
Furthermore, because it's extremely sensitive, it could detect signs of disease invisible to current tools.
Tunnels are relatively cheap, and extremely effective for hiding weapons and people.
The process is akin to using extremely fine-grained sandpaper as a sharpener.
The new memory stores information by rearranging atoms to form stable, and potentially extremely small, memory cells.
Aerogels are commonly used to shield electronic equipment in satellites because they are both durable and extremely light.
Extremely high-resolution imaging has its downside, too, though.
Extremely well-informed people also get in touch to insist that there is really only one doctor, or only one clinic.
While these relationships are extremely prevalent in affluent circles, they almost always end in disaster.
The atmosphere was extremely charged and fast-paced, changing minute by minute.
We were extremely sad about having to return our cell phone to our concierge.
Perhaps they're merely extremely well adapted to a life of luxury.
Ones that have been tried to a verdict are extremely rare.
Cade also noticed that the injections made the animals extremely lethargic and unresponsive.
When tested later under normal environmental conditions, the trained mole rats fared extremely well.
Hence, their cognitive capacity should be extremely limited.
The height of your parents is an extremely good predictor of your height in a developed nation.
Most of us carry extremely deleterious loci, and these are predominantly masked.
In other white dwarf news, astronomers have discovered a red dwarf in an extremely tight orbit with a white dwarf.
Although eight maintained a normal sleep-wake cycle, two experienced extremely fragmented sleeping and waking patterns.
From the quantum perspective the universe is an extremely interactive place.
It is an extremely complicated task because it is so broad.
Moreover, they contained plenty of silicon, which is extremely rare in human cells.
He is experimenting with metal-organic heat carriers, extremely fine particles that can allow fluids to absorb more heat.
Diacetyl could also be extracted from butter, but that is extremely difficult and expensive.
These situations are all too common-place and are often due to the extremely high costs of drug development.
The current plan calls for an initial two or three days of devastating attacks by powerful and extremely accurate weapons.
There is a complete lack of emotional contrast, and yet this movement was extremely popular in the late nineteenth century.
The bellows are extremely difficult to design and manufacture.
One suspects she's received a lot of extremely odd fan mail.
Everything should have been the formula for somebody being extremely happy.
They have to be rooted out extremely carefully to avoid damage.

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