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Example sentences for extravagantly

Fuzzy down feathers keep birds warm, while extravagantly curved feathers attract mates.
Extravagantly aided poor countries have grown no faster than unaided ones.
They may be more likely to commit the sort of extravagantly violent crimes that attract stiff sentences.
Corn seems an extravagantly large plant for such a small yield of edible kernels.
The hype here is rather extravagantly outreaching the actual physics.
When that happens, underlings compliment him extravagantly on his good taste.
The actresses grin or smoulder extravagantly, heave their shoulders high in poignant shrugs.
Unfortunately, he has been extravagantly over-praised by several critics.
Gun advocates are apt to be extravagantly libertarian when the right to own guns is at stake.
He is extravagantly generous and makes sure that he is seen to be so.
Couture laughed extravagantly at the bonfire of banking, the end of ostentatious consumption.
But that is not quite the same as thinking of the secret agent as the creator of extravagantly imagined worlds.
But big pharma is extravagantly rewarded for its relatively modest functions.
Its motifs of seashells are so extravagantly scalloped that they dissolve into curves purely for the sake of curves.
We spend extravagantly on health care and yet still leave too many without adequate access to the health care they need.
They have led to extravagantly critical attacks which tend to discredit a basically sound system.

Famous quotes containing the word extravagantly

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