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To better recognize extraterrestrial life should they come upon it, scientists are working to create simple life forms in a lab.
For those who hanker after extraterrestrial life that is a pity.
As scientists continue their search for extraterrestrial water, it's good to be reminded why they're actually looking for it.
Humans have searched for extraterrestrial life for more than a century.
The underlying method is to try and make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization using signal-processing.
It would also be the first known extraterrestrial impact to affect modern humans.
Space enthusiasts can now get an up-close look at the latest extraterrestrial explorer.
Some scientists have argued that the bacteria-shaped lumps are extraterrestrial bacteria.
The incorporation of many heavy isotopes and the presence of rare polyols is a signature of extraterrestrial materials.
Each of these cosmic messengers might herald extraterrestrial life.
The question of whether extraterrestrial life exists has always captivated astronomers and non-astronomers alike.
Their latest extraterrestrial project will include a space walk, the nation's first.
Every few months another press release heralds some breakthrough in the search for extraterrestrial life.
We might as well surrender our rights to vote for protection from the extraterrestrial invasion.
Extraterrestrial life represents an enormous gap in our knowledge of nature.
Almost all the natural resources of the universe are extraterrestrial.
Organisms also provide clues on where to search for extraterrestrial life.
Stone also talks about his work designing robots that will explore frozen planets looking for extraterrestrial life.
The potential risks from encountering extraterrestrial life far outweigh the benefits of searching for them.
Take a tour of the sun and planets, observe extraterrestrial weather patterns up close, and more.
The money shot comes about two minutes into the teaser, when an extraterrestrial is finally revealed in all its creepy glory.
Suggesting he were an extraterrestrial is right out, though.
The discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence, which is one of my favorites.
Theories put forth so far include that the microbe had an extraterrestrial origin.
It brought back the only material-other than moon rocks-taken directly from an extraterrestrial body.
The discovery of extraterrestrial life will mark an epoch in a way that even the moonshot did not.
Dawn is the first to orbit one extraterrestrial body, break out of orbit, then fly to and orbit a second body.
In this image, an engineer is dwarfed by the parachute, the largest ever built to fly on an extraterrestrial flight.
After a troubled production, the extraterrestrial-energy-vampire tale didn't fare so well at the box office.
It is about the first human contact with extraterrestrial life.
So these are by no means unique signatures of extraterrestrial mining activity.
The discovery of liquid water in space is an important step in the search for extraterrestrial life.
Both characteristics suggest an extraterrestrial origin, because biological sugars tend to be larger and of particular shapes.
The specimens will be the first extraterrestrial material collected from beyond the orbit of the moon.
Some would argue that dinosaur behavior is a topic all too similar to extraterrestrial life-long on speculation and short on data.
He has long believed that extraterrestrial life exists, simply because of the sheer vastness of the universe.
In it are magnetic grains containing iridium, an element thought to indicate extraterrestrial origins.
His findings have implications for evolutionary studies and may even shed light on the shape of extraterrestrial life.

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