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Throughout history ordinary humans have become extraordinary by reacting to danger with unimaginable courage.
I'm an extraordinary team player.
So extraordinary missions require extraordinary men and extraordinary methods for finding them.
Scott had an extraordinary childhood.
He has been an extraordinary warrior on behalf of the American people.
Comprehensive and stirring, this extraordinary book is whistle-blowing at its finest.
Such extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.
Real heros are everyday people who do extraordinary things.
She has a rich, elegant voice and an extraordinary knack for controlling it.
Both were extraordinary editors and wonderful teachers.
It is an absolutely extraordinary idea that you can press a send button, and you are publishing to the world.
He was a traveller, and has told the story of his travels with extraordinary verve.
Such translations of bishops were not then allowed except in extraordinary cases of necessity.
In extraordinary events ignorance of their causes produces astonishment.
Simplicity with humility is the character of true piety, which aims not at extraordinary gifts above itself.
For the activities of this extraordinary figure were great and varied.
If you make it too familiar, it will work no extraordinary effect when sickness cometh.
During their reprieve, they gave extraordinary proofs of charity and humility.
During the economic downturn, the nation's community colleges have experienced extraordinary growth under duress.
Doctors of medicine must renew their certification, to say nothing of working extraordinary hours.
They-and their future students-deserve a foundation that prepares them to be extraordinary.
Sometimes these extrapolations can carry extraordinary weight.
Over the past two years, we've seen extraordinary resilience in higher education at the individual level to the funding crisis.
No one seemed eager to replicate the last round, especially given the extraordinary length of time it took to complete.
The amount of discipline and self-motivation that it took to be able to do that was extraordinary.
They are ordinary people with extraordinary courage.
The rosy periwinkle is an ordinary plant with extraordinary capabilities.
In real life, the ice and water would look even more vibrant than this-it's an extraordinary, brilliant blue.
But they've got the wherewithal to survive in a range of environments that gives them their own extraordinary edge.
It believes in honoring members with exciting, authentic, and extraordinary possibilities.
But now researchers say this playful scene reveals yet another extraordinary resemblance between ourselves and our furry cousins.
It took us hours to get in, but the parade of treasures that came out was extraordinary.
It's about capturing what historians and archaeologists believe to be the extraordinary spirit of these rituals.
He has an extraordinary story to tell-or rather an extraordinary series of stories.
And so the old guard tabled a no-confidence motion, forcing an extraordinary general meeting.
The party's leaders need to stress that they are the guardians of an extraordinary, revolutionary tradition.
Still, it has been an extraordinary success which holds great promise for the future.
The extraordinary complexity of life should be viewed with respect and wonder, not disappointment.
Yet this extraordinary molecule has other uses in addition to those of biochemistry.
Fortunately, this refugee camp had an extraordinary resource.
Occasionally, researchers stumble across something extraordinary in a system that has been studied for decades.
It must be that, despite all those extraordinary cognitive abilities, babies lack memory.
Extraordinary results need to be held suspect until confirmed independently.
Dragline silk combines toughness and strength to an extraordinary degree.
Now another formerly obscure process known as autophagy is suddenly claiming extraordinary scientific attention.
The gourmand enjoys the consumption for the tastes that are pleasing and extraordinary.
There is a well worn expression that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs.
If this holds true, historians will look back on our era as an extraordinary moment.
Come to this enchanted place where ocean and sky meet lava beaches and romantic dreams merge with extraordinary realities.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
Nothing is more ordinary than a paper bag, which is why these hats are so extraordinary.
Perhaps more than anything else, it is the extraordinary architecture that takes a visitor's breath away.
Kids' fights never went too far, which is extraordinary when you consider how ill-controlled children's tempers are.
The existence of a venomous archosaur is still an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence.
Early in the history of our own universe, some postulate, there was a period of extraordinary expansion called inflation.
The extraordinary attention may entice visitors into making my mistake.
AT the end of the nineteenth century, physics basked in the glow of extraordinary achievement.
The result was an extraordinary photo of people doing something that has become so commonplace it almost parodied itself.
All in thirteen years: an extraordinary period of fecundity and journalistic adventurousness.
If this novel were half as good as the hype would have it, it would be an extraordinary work.
In other words, there is no such thing as extraordinary growth without extraordinary growth in trade.
But it was a thrill to watch this extraordinary family making music together.
It then occurs to the doctor that something extraordinary was going on, a kind of medical miracle.
These were decades of extraordinary lives and extraordinary stories.
Again, this is an extraordinary result: the first evidence of universes beyond our own.
One group of theorists say that they can and have used their techniques to make an extraordinary prediction.
It turns out that helium condensates have an extraordinary rich behaviour in which various kinds of quasiparticles can form.
People with extraordinary athletic ability are likely to have genes or combination of genes that give them their ability.
One of the extraordinary features of the mammalian sound detection system is the range over which it works.
That's an extraordinary number of individuals coming from virtually every major cancer and genetics center around the world.
The demand for space-based solar power could be extraordinary.
And it wants to share its extraordinary resources and expertise with, well, everybody.
He has been awarded an extraordinary amount of awards throughout the years for his work.
Also, the accident was caused by an extraordinary natural disaster that is a risk only in certain parts of the world.
One extraordinary parrot helped shatter our preconceptions about animal intelligence.
Extraordinary mutations require extraordinary evidence.
He's found that even extraordinary people are felled by ordinary diseases.
He and a colleague at the center have discovered an extraordinary new fundamental particle.
But if the same can be done with human cells, the implications are extraordinary.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary scrutiny.
Collective effervescence is the idea that an extraordinary perceived energy can emerge in a group setting.
It took five turndowns before the celebrated, extraordinary mega-star agreed to be part of our portfolio.
Its animation is extraordinary in its color, cinematic compositions, and well-rounded figures.
T he result, in an age of polarization, is something rather extraordinary.
It is quite an extraordinary story and would be great for a cable series.
Whatever the explanation for his rare gift, his champion performances made for many extraordinary moments.
It turned out merely to be a warm-up for the misery to come, the beginning of an extraordinary act of literary masochism.
Each season, the theme of every collections touches on travel to extraordinary lands.
The meeting of these two marvelous minds and sensibilities was bound to result in something extraordinary.
Among the newest names close to the top are three who got there through extraordinary efforts.
Their struggle has been an extraordinary one that shows the rank and file's wisdom and strength.

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