extradition in a sentence

Example sentences for extradition

So far, even the extradition has proved surprisingly tricky.
It also rejected the argument that extradition was disproportionate to the potential crime involved.
The charity denies the accusations and is fighting the pending extradition of one of its founders.
Extradition is mainly a political matter though it has elements of law.
And extradition remains as much a political, as a legal, procedure.
So far insider trading is not considered a serious enough offence to support extradition.
He's a head of state, and you don't demand the extradition of a foreign head of state.
The warrant offers only limited rights to mount an appeal against extradition.
No need to worry about irregular-looking extradition requests, he tells her pleasantly.
The two countries do not have an extradition treaty.
Extradition treaties themselves provide specific bases on which extraditions can be delayed or denied.
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