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Employment seems to be split between agriculture and energy extraction.
Extraction is toxic, environmentally destructive and energy-intensive.
The old empires were direct exercises in territorial domination, cultural subjugation, and the extraction of wealth.
The value of a resource depends on human needs and the technology available for its extraction and use.
The extraction of natural gas involves drilling underground and removing the gas with a pump.
Chimpanzees forcibly jabbed tools into hollow trunks or branches multiple times and smelled and/or licked them upon extraction.
The cruelest twist is that half a century of oil extraction in the delta has failed to make the lives of the people better.
They arrange for extraction and recycling of reusable portions of hazardous wastes, such as solvents and metals.
Shea butter is available in different grades, which depend on the extraction method.
Oil shale extraction is similarly difficult and energy-intensive.
More energy consumption means more coal-fired power plants and more devastation caused by coal extraction.
Expansion of in situ extraction could affect a much larger area.
But it would also be a boon for business, including shipping and resource extraction.
Furthermore, the satellite measurements have helped flag a worrying side effect of excessive groundwater extraction.
The main excuse for killing seals and whales was for the extraction of oil to provide heat and light to enhance human societies.
Shale extraction technologies boost proven gas reserves.
However, neither of these methods allow the barista full control over the extraction process.
For some, even a tooth extraction would be unthinkable without them.
Mineral extraction and agricultural deforestation have taken a toll, and incursions into the region show every sign of expanding.
Although chemicals can extract minerals from extraterrestrial regolith, microbes catalyze this extraction at much faster rates.
It involves both the use of horizontal drilling and fracking to maximize gas extraction.
Using these resources would not be such a great idea if their extraction exacted unacceptable environmental costs.
Coal's market price may be low, but the true costs of its extraction, processing and consumption are high.
Most of this efficiency gain is probably from heat extraction and the use of the fluid to better control temperature.
Best of all, microwave extraction can be done on the spot.
People around the world wreck coastal habitats through aquaculture, agriculture, timber extraction and real estate development.
The second law only limits extraction of work by gas expansion.
Coal isn't valuable enough to justify the expensive extraction inherent in a deep mine.
Gulf oil exploration and extraction, it was predicted, would be crippled for years.
Problem of clean energy it is a problem of correct extraction her from a fuel.
Methane gas is nearly always found within oil reservoirs and is normally processed during oil extraction whether on land or sea.
There is no future for coal as it contains little methane and therefore hydrogen for extraction for a hydrogen-based economy.
The economy is heavily dependent on the extraction and processing of minerals for export.
Bailey drove what pickaxe he had straight at this vein and never thought of limiting his extraction from it.
Never think of what you have been, nor say to yourself that you are of royal extraction.
Governments spent more time fixing lucrative extraction contracts than investing in refineries.
The falls have been largely driven by a reduction in oil and gas extraction.
But they have since rebelled over his policies on resource extraction.
It has been ravaged by logging, poachers and oil extraction.
Although the extraction process in each location differs, they share a need for highly toxic chemicals.
Each stage of the extraction, processing and consumption of a fossil fuel squanders some energy along the way.
In fact that was my point about the increasing wages in the skilled trades, as well in resource extraction.
The diesel-extraction for coffee grounds is similar to that used for other vegetable oils.
The diesel-extraction method for coffee grounds is similar to that used for other vegetable oils.
Property, biotech, energy extraction and commodity manufacturing are shunned.
The history of fossil-fuel extraction suggests that these processes may do harm.
Oil-company people caution that oil extraction does not need a lot of workers.
Every kind of energy extraction, of course, poses risks.
The cracks and the chemical ingredients in the fracture fluid facilitate more efficient extraction of the natural gas.
Couples with no obvious risk of genetic disease won't want to take even the slightest risk by allowing extraction of a cell.
Crude oil remains the major income producer, but the petrochemical sector is growing quickly, as is mineral extraction.
His political ideology is tied closely old extraction industry corporate interests.
Five hundred years later, surgical delivery seems as trifling as tooth extraction.
We have a pretty good history of knowing the effects of extraction.
There is no value in a more efficient extraction method if no applications exist to use it.
As they become less abundant the more higher risk methods of extraction has to be attempted.
Ergo, steam works mighty fine as an energy extraction method.

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