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Cut marks suggest that stone tools were used to remove the flesh from the bones and to extract marrow.
Collecting this natural chemical kills the tree because harvesters must remove the bark and extract it to obtain the lactone.
Remove bowl from heat, then add butter and raspberry extract, stirring until butter is melted.
Using an organic solvent, the researchers created an extract .
This extract was injected into wide-awake rabbits, and it put them to sleep.
In addition, you could also add up to 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract with the butter.
He read right over bad sentences to extract ideas, information, and arguments.
She rubs his back, and hands over a bottle of coconut extract from the spice rack.
The fuel cell uses microbes to extract electricity directly from food.
Using a pressurized brewing method, they extract more flavor from beans.
Each chapter ends with a short summary to help extract and reinforce key ideas.
Vegemite is an Australian food substance made from yeast extract.
It is very difficult to extract a foreign object from the dark interior of an eyeball without damaging the retina.
Use a potato masher or wooden spoon to press lemons and extract some juice.
Collect sunlight and extract useful forms of energy from it, rather than expending energy on air conditioning.
Or maybe they need enhanced intelligence to extract food embedded in a tough shell or to collect termites hiding in a mound.
Many foreigners enter rain forest environments in search of raw materials to extract for their own financial benefit.
Your only option is to painstakingly scroll through your favorites and extract any relevant information from them manually.
And all it asked was the right to extract a royalty for any marketable treatments that might emerge from the use of its database.
He was definitely trying to extract non-working co-authorships.
Extract from these stories the values and interests revealed about you and the skills and attributes you displayed.
The facts are relatively easy to extract from payroll, credit award, and graduation data.
And once they had taken over a company, they went all out to extract value from it.
The pull used to extract quarters from your pockets.
The allusion is to the fable of the crane that put its head into a wolf's mouth in order to extract a bone.
We shall take the liberty, therefore, of concluding this notice by an extract from the fifty-first number of that work.
As people extract these resources, they alter the environment.
Afar tribeswomen extract water from this forbidding landscape by building small stone towers over the geothermal vents.
It takes a big hefty bee to lift the lid, extract the nectar, and pollinate the flower.
From the mirror field, the blistering liquid pours into giant radiators that extract the heat and boil water into steam.
Chefs extract the flavorless cartilage needles, which add a gelatinous texture to the soup.
Heavy oil is also less desirable to the petroleum industry, because it doesn't flow easily and is harder to extract and refine.
Bundles of the indigo plant are soaked to extract the vibrant dye, while long sheets of cotton are laid out awaiting the color.
Extract some extra mileage from few frequent-flier points.
Any animal that spends appreciable time in the ocean should be able to extract oxygen from water via gills.
The results, he says, will have higher energy content than ethanol and will be easier to extract and distribute.
Researchers are now devising ways to extract energy from magnesium in a more controlled fashion.
Their edge over their rivals-the ability to extract oil from difficult places-is terrifically useful while prices are high.
Visitors can be forgiven for thinking the police's sole function is to extract money.
Naysayers complain that the proposal is a wheeze to extract more public money and bureaucratic jobs.
Both have an interest in prolonging the life of their mainstream aircraft to extract maximum profit from them.
Thus, if an extract ends with a full stop or question-mark, put the punctuation before the closing inverted commas.
They also typically spin faster to extract a similar amount of energy as three-bladed designs, which makes them noisier.
There was even talk of mining old landfills to extract steel and aluminium cans.
Watching the league methodically extract excitement from every touchdown and kickoff is bad enough.
Knowing how to extract and control metal was paramount for utilitarian and decorative purposes.
Squeeze handfuls of the mixture to extract as much water as possible.
Once the test is administered, it is relatively simple to use it as a means to extract the confession.
Then, last spring, it was revealed that the company wanted to extract this aggregate and ship it to the city.
They might be able to extract a small portion of a work to cite in a review of the work.
We would dilate a certain experience and try to extract more detail.
And threatened lawsuits or takeovers can be used to extract concessions from other players.
But an extract of the plant could one day form the basis of cancer treatments.
Most photovoltaic solar cells have an inherent efficiency cap, limiting how much useful energy they can extract from the sun.
And it is easy to extract fresh water from some larger, fleshy ones.
Scientists have found that ingesting a particular plant extract prior to drinking may cut the risk of a severe hangover in half.
But burning off wire insulation, cooking circuit boards and using acid to extract gold all take a health and environmental toll.
For example, their multiple stomachs probably allowed them to extract maximum nutrition from their food.
Working over a small bowl, squeeze gently to extract seeds.
They also realized that if they could make a reactor they could extract weapons grade plutonium from it.
All the fruit flavorings used are the pure oils, the vanilla a pure vanilla extract used along with a little of the bean.
Strain the cooking liquid, pressing down on the solids to extract as much liquid as possible.
The basic idea is to use computers to extract meaning from raw data too complex for the human brain to comprehend.
Preliminary results look promising, although it's still unclear exactly how the extract works.
Given the same information, any of you could extract the same conclusions.
The obvious option would be to mine the data from the various games to extract the successful techniques.
It can also improve the effectiveness of existing methods such as using water or steam to extract oil.
None have developed any new technologies to extract the oil in a continuous, large volume process.
The article describes a system for using the body as an antenna to extract a signal from electrical noise in the walls of a room.
But new sequencing technologies promise to extract volumes of genetic information from this molecular stew.
As a result, it's easier to engineer the systems to extract and use the heat to generate electricity.
Extract the sodium chloride from the other minerals to make salt water.
Now it takes a lot more money to extract the remaining available oil.
Most herbivores extract energy from simple sugars and plant oils.
We plan to use that system to figure out which factors in the extract are crucial for turning on gene expression.
By measuring the photon, it's possible to infer the qubit's state and thus extract its information.
In addition it needs real experts to estimate lithium reserves and whether it is economic to extract them.
It takes considerable electromagnetic field strength to extract sufficient electrons for this phenomena.
It's more labor-intensive to extract, but hey, that creates jobs.
As resources become scarce, more energy will be needed to create or to extract and recycle existing resources.
Immerse the leaves in an alcohol extract, then a water extract, and see what happens.
Sometimes, a surgery is performed to extract liquid marrow from the back of the donor's pelvic bone instead.
The brine wastewater comes from drilling operations that use the so-called fracking process to extract gas from underground shale.
They take antioxidants and extract of cactus instead.
They are also examples of the price proxy wars can extract from a local population.
Instead, they became hooked on credit and the ability to extract purchasing power from the housing bubble.

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