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Allowing students to keep extra funding will improve time-to-degree.
Extra years of schooling and wider access to university are everywhere supposed to be good for growth.
Numerous extra or increased dividends were announced by domestic corporations yesterday.
Here are some other majors that get extra credit for originality.
The cream lacquered side tables are both whimsical and practical, adding extra mobility to the traditional nightstand.
These sets basically interpolate an extra frame in between each normal frame in order to make quick motion look smoother.
It would be unworkable to require airlines to offer tall people extra legroom as a matter of course and without charge.
As a result, posts will stand secure for many extra years.
But the findings challenge the notion that providing extra facilities in poor areas is enough.
Their metabolic rate stays elevated for hours after the last weight is put away, burning extra calories.
It's a fairly common practice to help certain endangered species in the wild by providing them with extra food or prey.
It's one that maybe is a little bit idiosyncratic, but that benefits from that little extra bit of style.
But they can also easily be varied with a few extra ingredients to keep menus lively.
But this strange extra acceleration was seen subsequently with two other craft.
Each set also comes with several extra pieces, with which you are supposedly able to build extra small things.
The cases use extra energy to cool the air that leaks in.
Bison-backed dinosaurs would have been obligated to take up a different posture to handle all that extra bulk.
Powered phone cases usually add too much extra heft and bulk to a cell phone.
Labour is therefore getting some of the extra growth due to globalisation.
Easy sleep is a distant memory now that she must contend with tens of pounds of extra girth.
He runs a cutting device over the top of the molding table and shaves away the extra wax.
The dough needs a little extra flour, which makes it stiffer.
Green groups, too, fretted that extra traffic would mean extra greenhouse gases.
But, as the balloons repolarize, the hemispheres that never came into contact with each other would gain an extra unit of charge.
The larger vehicles are still moving slowly due to the extra expense of battery packs.
Plan well ahead of your deadline, and build extra time into your schedule.
But in this instance, the trade-off is not merely one of extra costs for farmers versus extra comforts for their charges.
The extra antenna allows smart phones to carry two signals over a single frequency.
Drinking extra juice and water is supposed to replace fluids in the body lost to fever and to help break up mucus.
Fulbright awards extra money for living and transportation based on number of dependents going with grantee.
When times are tough, extra payouts cushion the pain.
But the unexpected discovery of the hadrosaur mummy had the promise of a little extra income.
He gets up at the crack of dawn to do a couple of hours' extra ploughing.
Later in the day families gather for a big meal, with extra care going into presentation and serving a variety of special dishes.
Couple finds extra living space in the backyard more.
They can also be met by issuing extra shares at maturity.
Then again, it might have to buy extra allowances on the open market.
Looming debt and demographic crises have governments searching for extra revenue.
When you are exercising, your muscles need extra oxygen-some three times as much as resting muscles.
Make sure that you keep your gas tank full and carry extra water and food in case you have problems.
Gene therapy works by inserting extra copies of particular genes into the body.
Telecommunications companies have been leery of investing in infrastructure unless they are certain of demand for extra speed.
In fact, this extra reinforcement probably saved the house from collapsing years ago.
To provide the extra humidity this orchid likes, place the pot on an inverted saucer in a pan filled with pebbles and water.
We eat the chicken and take on an extra toxic burden and more fat cells are formed.
But to me no extra incentives are necessary to warrant a winter visit.
In reptiles, birds, and many mammals the allantois becomes expanded into a vesicle which projects into the extra-embryonic celom.
It was an extra leaker with a see spoon, it was an extra licker with a see spoon.
They acknowledged his good intentions, but they pointed out that his extra-legal interference set an ominously bad example.
And for the night, watch thou therein as an extra service.
All the houses are provided with extra hammock hooks.
It's an extra-special midday pick-me-up, or an all-in-one weeknight dinner.
If you think you may need extra parts, choose a kit by a vendor that also sells individual pieces.
By installing a range and a warming drawer, the couple gained extra counter space and another cabinet.
Toss them in sugar and spoon onto this extra-moist cake.
For extra texture and color, add small flowering plants from sixpacks.
From large through extra-large to jumbo, there's an orderly progression of prices, with a premium for color.
The group singled out investments for extra attention in guidelines issued last year on trustee conflicts.
Many low-income students, whose parents did not themselves attend college, can benefit from extra support.
Marble chips easily, so the ancients always quarried marble blocks with a couple of extra inches on all sides.
The current calendar adds an extra day every four years to account for the uneven number.
Thank you for making this extra-ordinary piece available for all to hear.
The bony plates require extra calcium, which is rare in some environments, and they restrict the body movements of the fish.
Its flat tail acts as a rudder when it swims and is also a storage area for extra food.
Thankfully he is provided with an extra uniform soon afterwards.
But for every billion pairs of particles, there is one extra particle of matter.
Chefs add salt to compliment the meal, patrons pile on the extra salt that is unwarranted.
Such observations have led some to suggest that these animals have a kind of extra-sensory perception.
Anyone who wants one will be able to choose the yellow version, on payment of a small extra fee each year.
Yet although those extra hours may be clinically irrelevant, politically they are dynamite.
The average extra loss was then used to rank the five price frames.
And all it took to convince the public of its merits, it seems, was the promise of shorter queues or a few extra loyalty points.
But those figures may overstate the extra costs to consumers.
Many buyers offered to pay extra to guarantee quick delivery.
These hidden debts have forced the government to take extra measures to keep to its deficit promises.
Social media have given photojournalists a million extra eyes in conflict zones.
Many blacks have exactly the opposite view: race will always be an extra burden.
Those vegetables give the soup roundness, finesse, an extra dimension that is enriched with olive oil.
If you made my honey cake and have some extra honey around, here's a super easy appetizer that works its charms year-round.
We know, moreover, that blue-collar workers usually agree to overtime because they want or need the extra money.
It is now available in an enlarged edition containing three extra articles.
As a soldier, you are asked to take an extra risk for the sake of limiting the scope of the war.
They are not some extra juice secreted by the neurons.
He pressed him to consider a system of rewards for those who performed extra tasks in the off-season.
She even bought an extra candle for the dead who had no family to look out for them.
By the way, there are many theories that have extra dimensions.
At the same time, the extra sunlight causes more evaporation off the ocean, which adds to downpours in the western tropics.
For now, the extra pancreas could only really help out a diabetic chimp.
Before you answer, you also need to consider what you are willing to do for those extra years.
Steroids can help body-builders to build their bodies, while giving athletes an extra burst of speed.
However, the existence of the extra dimensions does not make string theory inherently more complicated than other theories.
Cloning a mammoth would be more spectacular than breeding one, but it entails an extra set of hurdles.
The combination of extra saltiness and cold temperatures makes the water especially dense--and especially prone to sinking.
Halls and doorways are extra wide, all the furniture is movable, and even the bathroom fixtures are amputee-friendly.
Our closest cousins, chimpanzees and gorillas, have an extra set of ribs.
Throwing an extra engine in a car won't make it run twice as efficiently.
They then used standard methods to generate mice that either lacked the section or had extra copies of it.
Today's soldiers are more power hungry than ever, and the army believes flexible solar cells can provide the extra juice.
Energy suppliers respond to spikes in demand by gearing up extra production capacity.
Experts are blaming this on the extra demand for ethanol biofuel.
Diesel engines mainly require a more powerful starter and extra equipment for reducing emissions.
Being able to swing the bat faster allows the hitter to delay the swing for a crucial extra fraction of a second.
To give his bots an extra boost, he's turning to call-center data.
Then they processed the particles to remove any extra surface charge, which can make the otherwise safe polymers toxic.
In addition to the efficiency gains of the engine itself, extra modules can be deactivated when they aren't needed.
GM is adding extra steel braces to the steel tunnel to further protect the battery.
But touchscreens bring with them an extra danger, a relic of their virtuality.
The method works well but requires extra processing steps and specialized lab equipment.
In other words, it doesn't need a lot of extra energy.
But they'll probably cost less than the extra batteries, motor, and other components in hybrids.
But getting a well-crafted goal in the waning minutes of extra time to crown a champion is a rare and heart-pounding treat.
Indeed, all these myriad little extra fees now account for more than half of the industry's profits.
The extra-tall t-stems indicate personal pride taken to the extreme of vanity.
Charlie, who was mildly enthusiastic about the idea, agreed to sell the newfangled bagels for a nickel extra.
No other pitcher has matched this extra-innings deed in the ensuing seventy-six-well, almost-years.
Setting up their phone service, the writer was told that there would be an extra fee for an unlisted number.
They piloted the boats and explained to the tourists the seriousness of the venture, the need for extra donations.
For this privilege, my parents paid twenty extra dollars a month in rent.
Grippes didn't want the extra six years and the terms she handed him on their future living arrangements.
Even if they're playing at best friends, there's often an extra flicker of formality in the relationship.
She had been typing somebody's master's thesis on a portable-to earn extra cash.
It'll get you free admission plus an extra goody bag.
The only extra money he'd ever had was a hundred-dollar win on a scratch-off ticket.
Unless you count the extra weeks and even months waiting to be summoned to the next movie set.
But your reward will be one extra hour of sweet sunshine at the end of the day.
The play calling has been improved, and look for sweet new moves from the players, as well as some extra-crunchy tackles.
Premium-price speakers will charge extra to attend faculty luncheons or receptions, and must have access to a helipad.
The workers left behind are being asked to do more work, often without extra pay or even acknowledgment.

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