extortionate in a sentence

Example sentences for extortionate

Its extortionate rates make the need, and the need of the poor was ever the opportunity of their oppressor.
It has thousands upon thousands of lodgers who help to pay its extortionate rents.
Western luxury-goods firms may be able to tolerate extortionate rents for central locations.
The people down here have to pay extortionate high rents if they want quality.
The flooded streets, the tourist-mobbed piazzas, the extortionate hotel rates.
The disaster befell a peasantry already ground down by exorbitant taxation and extortionate debt.
He was acquitted of one count of interstate transmission of an extortionate threat.
The sixth applicant chose instead to raise the money for his extortionate payment with advances on his credit cards.
Kats is charged with one count of attempted extortionate collection of credit.
He is charged with collection of extension of credit by extortionate means.
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