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The systems analyst was arrested on one count of theft by extortion and could face up to 10 years in prison.
The juicy, gritty extortion plot is the page-turning aspect, and the theme is the expectation and reality in parenthood.
The charges against the two women—of corruption and extortion, respectively—may or may not be deserved.
During the meeting, several students tearfully revealed the petty extortion and bullying that had victimized them.
The authorities are also cracking down, if slowly, on extortion and graft.
This is nothing more than thinly-veiled extortion.
She was convicted of extortion and given a 26-month jail sentence.
Sounds like a pathetic attempt at extortion to me.
The extortion charge carries a maximum penalty of 3 1/2 years in prison.
Along the way, the defendants acknowledged widespread extortion and more than a dozen murder conspiracies going back two decades.
Economists would call this a service, but many normal human beings would call it extortion.
In the past, you'd prosecute a mobster for extortion or loan sharking.
Others are launched by cyber-criminals as part of an extortion attempt against an online retailer.
The aims of the attacks vary from shutting down services or operations to theft of services and data or extortion attempts.
He might also have celebrated the jury deadlocking on two charges of attempted extortion.
It is also a master of nuclear brinkmanship, which it also uses for extortion.
Kidnapping, extortion and drug-trafficking rings are run from the jails by mobile phone.
Police have even been accused of colluding with radicals in local extortion and thuggery rackets.
The biggest protests against his government came after two popular wrestlers were jailed for extortion.
He wanted the return of his job, which he had lost after accusations of extortion and robbery.
Cocaine shipments have fallen, but gangs continue to thrive on extortion, marijuana and fraud.
Paying up encourages further extortion, ultimately raising costs all round.
They engage in petty crime and low-grade extortion of local shopkeepers.
The troops have failed to prevent a surge in kidnapping and extortion.
The company was constantly in litigation charges often bought by people who were use to using the system as a form of extortion.
OJ pal describes alleged extortion by witnesses.
Other counts included conspiracy to commit extortion, attempted extortion and conspiracy to solicit a bribe.
At the core of these problems is bribery of public officials, and officials' extortion and misappropriation of funds.
It may criminalize extortion threats and conspiratorial agreements.
Violence and extortion have proved profitable for the perpetrators.
He favored applying federal anti-extortion laws to labor violence.
Gangs armed with barbers' razors roam city streets, extortion is widespread, beatings are routine.
These allegations form the basis for charges of conspiracy, extortion, and mail fraud.
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