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If you can extinguish the spark, that will light the flame, you will never have a fire.
But when it is low the peat itself catches light, making the fire much harder to extinguish.
Fire officials said it would take days to extinguish the fire, though much of it had been contained.
Smoke alarms can alert you to a fire, and sprinklers can extinguish a blaze.
If none of these conditions exist, you may open the door and attempt to extinguish the fire.
Tundra vegetation can be a main fire carrier, with peat fires sometimes requiring several burning periods to extinguish.
Keep a shovel and charged garden hose nearby while burning so that they can be quickly used to extinguish a fire in an emergency.
To extinguish the fire, cover with dirt or pour water over it.
Have a garden hose or some other means to extinguish and control the fire.
Portions of the home's interior did suffer damage from the water used to extinguish the fire.
Commercialized halocarbon agents extinguish the fire by removing heat from the combustion zone.
If properly maintained, it will contain and extinguish a fire.
Lays hose, carries and sets up ladders, and uses fire equipment to extinguish fires and make rescues.
Perhaps in the reaches of space there is life, or even intelligence: a pity to extinguish the race before meeting it.
Fires now project their energy much farther from their cores, making them more dangerous and more difficult to extinguish.
Howe, who seized some clothing and attempted to extinguish the flames.
Another kept shaking his head and closing his eyes as though trying to extinguish a bad dream.
It only takes one sentence to extinguish the room's burning questions.
But they are also more pointedly critical of their own societies for failing to extinguish those flames long ago.
Unfortunately, fear is far easier to ignite than to extinguish.
We as a species must learn to extinguish our lusts and foster our inherent, but as yet still weak sense of peace.
While it is not unheard of for a trial judge to extinguish a jury's finding, legal experts said that such decisions were rare.
It was expected to take a year to extinguish them all.
Discipline, though it may temporarily interrupt the behavior, will not extinguish it.
Compensation and resettlement packages negotiated by governments can offer additional choices but do not extinguish this right.
If you extinguish the oil lamp, they give off greenish light.
Each had a safety switch that would extinguish the gas if the torch were dropped.
What we're facing, collectively, is whether or not this evolutionary change will promote or extinguish humanity.
Even in selling his vote for money, he does not extinguish in himself the general will, but only eludes it.
And it's worthless: a first lien foreclosure will automatically extinguish that second lien anyway.
Based on prior experience, it was thought that it would take a decade to extinguish the blazes.
It's easier to extinguish five minutes after the start.
The bombs have yet to explode, but the fuses have been lit, and there's nothing anyone can do to extinguish them.
Investors unable to extinguish their worries about a recession that has no end in sight were dumping stocks again.
Four-year-old tries to extinguish blaze with water before firefighters arrive.
Most extinguishers will have a pictograph label informing the user of the fuel it is designed to extinguish.
So if you can remove a sufficient amount of heat from the flame zone at a sufficient rate, the flame will extinguish.
After cooking, place hot coals in a heavy metal container with a lid, or pour water on coals and stir them to extinguish.
Large excavators and special foam delivery apparatus were used to extinguish fires one slope at a time while moving up the canyon.

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