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Extinction is a steady process, exacting a continuous toll of species even in the best of times.
Barber-Scotia, a four-year college here, is on the edge of extinction.
Such effects could spread the ecological damage beyond the original prey at the same time as drawing out the actual extinction.
One in five lizard species are headed for extinction due to global warming, a new study says.
There are now serious actions taken for the survival of this majestic beast at the brink of extinction.
Large vultures, vitally necessary and once numbering in the tens of millions, now face extinction.
Several million years ago, shifts in climate led to the extinction of a variety of ape species.
But now another, more radical use for genetic modification is in the offing: the engineering of extinction.
Some have argued that higher education must be radically transformed or it will face extinction.
There is also opportunity cost to consider: the things extinction could make harder.
The researchers believe these dependent species should now be included in current extinction estimates.
One fifth of the world's vertebrates are threatened with extinction.
Evolution and extinction are inextricably linked together.
For decades the country's bald eagle population teetered on the edge of extinction.
Six years ago, with the number of visitors declining and losses mounting, it was on the brink of extinction.
The majority of species in danger of extinction are humble insects, a new study argues.
Today, according to many biologists, we're in the midst of a sixth great extinction.
Global climate change could cause widespread extinction of all sorts of plant and animals.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to species that are extinct or near extinction and conservation efforts.
The large, slow-growing animals were easy game, and were quickly hunted to extinction.
Early humans living about one million years ago were extremely close to extinction.
The species was one of the first known to face extinction because of human damage to its habitat.
And her insinuation that their looming extinction stems from internal rifts, not simply emigration, seems spurious.
Scientists now fear that the fish is near extinction.
While extinction is a normal process, the current rate of species getting lost is not.
For years, they were considered vermin in their own land, hunted almost to extinction.
In the short term, this strategy helps conservationists by intensifying the perceived threat of extinction.
As long as human population continues unabated growth, no species is safe from extinction.
Deforestation and the introduction of dogs, cats and mongooses that eat solenodons threaten to drive the critters to extinction.
They ate their land birds to extinction and then they starved.
Write a short essay about what people think about extinction.
Chance disaster as a bigger extinction threat than once thought.
Evidently, he does not, judging from his behaviour in driving animals to extinction and exhausting his supply of materials.
Scientists dispute fossil's significance to the extinction debate.
Nearly a third of shark species in the open oceans are threatened with extinction.
The print-bound critics are lumbering dinosaurs grousing about their own extinction.
In related news, scientists recently reported that one in four mammal species are threatened with extinction.
Indeed, until recently many thought that all spin bowling was heading toward extinction.
Unfortunately for the company, it took bargain-bin pricing and the threat of extinction to get there.
The consumption of shark fin soup is driving some shark species into extinction.
Scientists are studying these seals to see if they can prevent this extinction from happening.
With the birds so close to the brink of extinction in these countries, that might be good enough for now.
Indeed managing moorland for grouse shooting has almost certainly saved the species itself from extinction.
Reports of its extinction have been greatly exaggerated-twice.
The extinction of polar bears would be an opportunity for other species.
Yet both were hunted and poisoned almost to extinction.
One scientist thinks so, and he is proposing a deodorant of some kind to protect the birds from extinction.
Traditional businesses, especially the many small and amateurish ones, are threatened with extinction.
Several have been swallowed by rivals and others face extinction.
They also saved a great musical tradition from extinction.
They fragment ecosystems, send species into extinction and may even trigger earthquakes.
It seems that the only thing more fun than bringing dinosaurs back to life is sending them into extinction again.
Within a few decades, whaling drove the humpback, blue and fin whales to the brink of extinction.
Thus extinction and natural selection go hand in hand.
But there is another possible cause for the extinction of light.
To him even the extinction of the human race should be merely a fact to be grouped with other vital statistics.
Life cannot will its own extinction either in its blind amorphous state or in any of the forms into which it has organized itself.
Simply put, many small towns are mere years away from extinction, while others limp along in a weakened and disabled state.
Now they are in the stars, where their final extinction is possible.
Captive breeding has long been lauded as the potential savior for many species that are threatened with extinction.
Perhaps an environmental change drove ancient people to the brink of extinction.
We might not be living under the minute-by-minute menace of nuclear extinction.
For many insular species the first encounter with the outside world has been followed shortly by extinction.
Students compare and contrast causes for extinction, past and present.
He applauded any new attempt to use modeling as a means to root out the causes of the mammoth's extinction.
Proponents of the overkill theory argue that the animals were hunted to extinction by humans.
And-above all-the commodification of tigers for the illegal-wildlife trade, which leads to extinction.
Recording broke down barriers between cultures, but it also placed more archaic musical forms in danger of extinction.
The explanation for this portent, it turned out, was that desperate villagers had hunted them to near-extinction.
He seems to be making a point about the extinction of magic in urban settings, but the meanings are so vague that they evaporate.
The writer realized that in the extinction of any species there was a guarantee of our own mortality.
For sustenance, they feasted upon whales, dolphins and other sea mammals to the point of near extinction.
Various animal and plant species are endangered and on the verge of extinction.
Pandas are more susceptible to extinction than many other animals because of their all-bamboo diet.
Also, these poor creatures have been fished to near extinction.
Humans are not the only primates that hunt other primate species to the edge of extinction.
Extinction comes to species on land and in the sea but not in the same way.
In other words, for a neutral allele the probability of extinction in one generation is relatively insensitive to population size.
Fur seals were almost driven to extinction by hunters and now exist only in this archipelago.
Dinosaurs went extinct when they overgrazed a laxative fern to extinction, hence coprolites.
With technological advances, the frozen cells might someday be used to re-create populations of species that face extinction.
They can introduce new diseases, eat other species to extinction, and otherwise alter the environment for the worse.
We have a dark side that is not conducive to survival but our extinction.
Current theory holds that prehistoric hunters drove these species to extinction.
The museum also houses fossils and meteorites from before the extinction of dinosaurs.
There are growing signs that the electric car, once on the road to extinction, may jolt back to life.
He writes that the poems' subjects are isolation, extinction, and the learning of human limitation.
Its brachiating shape, so archetypal and potent, reflected the balance of evolution and extinction.
In the sixty years since then, telephones made drum language obsolete and completed the process of extinction.
There is, alas, no record of what the subject thought of his metamorphosis into a gaunt symbol of extinction.
With tens of thousands of elephants dead each year for their tusks, extinction looms on the horizon for these majestic creatures.
It seems to be in no immediate danger of extinction-unlike so many things in the world.
They are big and slow, wedded to the old ways, ripe for extinction.
Physical extinction brings about cultural extinction.
Yet this week it lurched closer to extinction after senior figures walked out to form a new political group.
If innovation threatens companies with obsolescence and extinction, they cannot afford to leave it to chance.
Now the financial system appears to be much healthier, its behemoths far from extinction.
But alas, out of pure shortsightedness, these incredibly beneficial animals have been driven to functional extinction.
Their extinction may increase pressure on government and industry to dial back greenhouse gases.
Federal endangered status means an animal is at risk of extinction.
Snails facing extinction are being given specially made compartments to encourage them to breed.
The job of saving humanity from extinction currently falls to no one.

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