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In America, 53 languages have become extinct since 1950, more than in any other country.
For nearly two centuries, people have struggled to imagine what the great extinct dinosaurs looked like.
Fully prepared to overthrow everything on the planet in 1968, they were nearly all extinct by 1970.
The new work marks the first time that so much of the genetic material of an extinct creature has been retrieved.
Several of these species are thought to possibly be extinct or are so rare that little data exists about them.
For nearly 200 years, anthropologists and historians considered the Matinecock extinct.
What I found particularly interesting was the prediction that various words will "become extinct" within a specific time period.
He insists he's seen mammoths there, but everyone knows mammoths are extinct.
Today, antigravity research is an all-but-extinct field of study that has devolved into little more than science-fiction fantasy.
Half are expected to be extinct by the end of the century.
Most of these languages are extinct or disappearing.
Conference interviews are going extinct in my discipline.
The species themselves may change as some become extinct and new ones arrive, but there is for every island an equilibrium.
Even today researchers argue about what separates modern humans from other, extinct hominids.
Of these subspecies, two are extinct, two endangered and many others in trouble.
Otherwise why they are bothered about the species that were extinct million years ago.
So has the red wolf, whose wild population was extinct until captive breeding and release into the wild began.
Any radio messages sent by extinct civilizations would travel the galaxy for many thousands of years.
To an environmentalist, half an endangered species is an extinct species.
Dragons are an extinct species, victims of war and poor breeding practices.
Bringing extinct species back to life is no longer considered science fiction.
His findings suggested that the number of extinct butterfly species there increased in line with the number of extinct plants.
Two groups say the ivory-billed woodpecker is extinct.
He proposes to revive, with a modern twist, an extinct technology called the pneumatic pipe.
We don't know why they became extinct or what they called themselves.
He is practically extinct now, partly because of the feasts of my childhood before game laws shook their heads.
If you arc in the mood, you can climb an extinct volcano in your car.
Some extinct animals have anatomical oddities that seem destined to be confined to the marginalia of history.
These findings suggest humanity's closest extinct relatives might have been capable of symbolism, after all.
They're extinct, relics of the prehistoric past, back when television pretended to espouse civic ideals.
Finding suitable eggs and surrogate mothers for the cloning of extinct or endangered animals will pose another challenge.
The phrase refers to modern species that are uncannily similar to extinct ones.
Dinosaurs went extinct when they overgrazed a laxative fern to extinction, hence coprolites.
Concretely, many languages are going extinct today as the older generation of last native speakers is dying.
And while fossils of extinct jawless fish provide few details, they too have traces of the same features.
And it's kind of neat, because as it's an extinct animal we'll never really answer all the questions.
In his spare time, he makes paintings of dodos and other extinct bird species.
Charmingly, he has retained his enthusiasm for the extinct giants into middle age.
The poor publishers had to re-import three long-extinct letters into their font in order to print it.
Mentions a long-deferred memorial to extinct species.
The rays, in turn, eat scallop and these have become all but extinct in some areas.
Extinct volcanoes are those that scientists consider unlikely to erupt again.
The native cattle are extinct, but the island is full of artificial breeds.

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