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Drive makers are pushing a new generation of external storage disks that connect to a home network.
Your research plan should also list those external funding sources to which you would make proposals to sustain your research.
Tarantulas periodically shed their external skeletons in a process called molting.
Will is caused by internal stimuli of the brain and body or external stimuli of the outside world.
There are those, however, who still maintain that an external blast was to blame.
The glare from external light sources onto a screen is heck on a photographer's eyes, especially when shooting outside.
Pursuing external funding for individual and departmental research and teaching objectives is expected.
If external finance is not available, it must run down its reserves.
The space shuttle's external fuel tank had collapsed, releasing all its liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants.
And therefore necessitates an external divine cause beyond nature.
It takes an external application to examine the operation of the computer.
Current iterations of the nano and shuffle have no external speaker, but the larger iPod touch does have one.
External funding for ongoing research includes support from state, federal and industry sources.
Changing course certainly worked as far as restoring external balance was concerned.
Mudpuppies are easily distinguishable by their bushy, red external gills, which they grow as larva and never lose.
Great whites and other sharks lack external ears, but that doesn't mean their world is silent.
The tablet's screen will turn into a tiny external display for your desktop or laptop.
External audiences certainly motivate students to do their best work.
As a result, external imbalances are growing, with rapidly increasing indebtedness.
But an external source for the magnetism-such as a blast from the solar wind-could not be ruled out.
Autonomous cars also need external sensors, which include perhaps dozens of lasers, radars and cameras.
As a backup for disasters, when you can't recharge even an external li-ion battery, this could be worth it.
Adding external speakers allows pedestrians to hear the noise too.
These people boast perfect pitch, the ability to recognize individual sound frequencies without any external reference.
Perhaps some of us lack in production, and seek external sources.
We also find that less educated workers generally receive the largest external benefits.
Riots and protest are nothing more than the expression of a firm no to things from an external source that threaten us.
If your computer does not have a built-in webcam, you can use an external webcam.
The built-in condenser mics are excellent, and using the external microphone jack resulted in clean, clear sound.
The new publish tool also allows you to export images to folders on your desktop or an external drive.
Defences against external attacks may not be much use against insiders.
The external tank is actually the backbone of the whole shuttle system.
They can be areas joining people in common causes where they can become areas for conflict, both internal and external.
Now the library has contracted this out to some external vendor.
It will take years to judge the effectiveness of the external action service.
If you want to crank the tunes, though, an external setup is a must.
The scans were carried out when the volunteers were resting and exposed to no external stimuli.
The trouble with cities is that they require external support.
Your second option is to go with the portable digital recorder, but add an external mic.
Countries hold foreign-exchange reserves partly to protect themselves against external crises.
External approval doesn't crank your noodle, because you don't really believe it.
The effect of gravitation locally contracts the external energy of spacetime, imparting increased velocity to matter.
The candidates will be encouraged to seek external funding to further support research activities.
One solution is to see if your department will match a small external grant.
There is even an external flash included in the box.
Perhaps a letter from an external will be a good route to go if you want your dissertation highlighted.
Recently many people have started to build external combustion engines which are far more efficient than internal combustion ones.
The external and internal carotids lie side by side, the external being the more anterior of the two.
The fibrous layer of the pericardium is gradually lost upon the external coats of the two branches of the artery.
During dreams, this interaction with the external field is cut off.
External conditions do not select the individuals who survive, they eliminate individuals unable to survive.
We know this is not completely correct and that transcription errors contribute to genetic mutation, along with external damage.
As readers learned, influences both internal and external create and shape the mind and brain.
But that does not hold true if the group is itself acting selfishly and so exposing us to external threat or harm.
There are both external and internal risk factors for ulcers.
The size of this effort is not provided, in large part because its size will depend on external factors.
He used to look at the external environment for clues.
It wants to maximize its internal and external demand.
Next to its size, another advantage of the robot is that it doesn't leave an external scar.
Individual users were simply asked to follow up with external political action.
The messier the external world, the more powerful this inverted dynamic can be.
In the absence of internal, moral restraints, external ones can only do so much.
If external sponsors are needed, then administrators should do the asking.
Distinguished record of publication and a strong on-going research agenda, and experience with external fund raising.
Most ranking formulas provide external measures that are unlikely to encourage a focus on the world's great challenges.
Peer review became the new standard for evaluation for publication, along with external review for promotion.
Dodgers are faculty members who teach a small number of students and don't bring in external research grants.
Engage in professional service, scholarly activity, and pursue external funding.
If necessary, dip crabs in cooking liquid to remove any external residue, then transfer to another large platter.
It's a kind of magic: psychological magic, in which the mind acts powerfully to affect the external world.
Here is an external view of the one of the buses that came under fire.
The fan runs without batteries or external electricity.
The ball struck the roof of an external batting cage and skipped out of view.
To this end, the foundation is offering its services as an external poetry editor.
Otherwise, the group has always said no to external requests to depict it.
Thus, only effects due to external perturbations can be computed when these external perturbations obey equations of motion.
The awake state may be essentially the same as the dreaming state, only partially anchored by external stimuli.
Snakes rely on external heat to regulate their body temperature, and their size depends directly on the climate where they live.
But they felt as confident in their answers, meaning they didn't realize they'd been mixing up internal and external events.
And the diaphragm's muscular fibers mesh with the outer layer of the esophagus to fashion an external sphincter.
These formulas were devised to calculate brain volume based on external measurements of skull height, breadth, and length.
All around, the trees' external surfaces were hidden.
It seems that quantum news travels instantaneously, limited by no external constraints-not even the speed of light.
Power will be supplied by an external source that beams radio waves through the skin and skull.
Discovery's launch has been delayed several times due to cracks found in the external tank.
It is almost if there are optimal rates for survival driven by some external factor outside of the animal and cancer themselves.
Disease by disease, scientists have woken up to the external politics that drive funding for research.
He represents external enhancement through prosthetic and computer augmentation.
The communication component sends tiny electromagnetic pulses that are detected by an external computer.
Once in the body, the radio could provide wireless communication between the tiny biological sensors and an external monitor.
The electrodes stimulate cells that transmit information to the brain, and must be powered by an external battery.
It measures glucose levels in tissue and wirelessly transmits that information to an external receiver, such as a cell phone.
The chips are small, but moving chemicals around inside them requires external pumps and valves.
Electrons make their way out of the material to an external circuit.
It will be wrong all the time so there will be self correcting loop back as well as external feedback.
Electrons freed during the reaction are pulled into an external circuit.
Already, external doses are rapidly declining as a result of the decay of short-lived isotopes.
These projects are mostly politically driven and run mainly on external money sources and subsidy other than own generated funds.
It may not be particularly useful to think of depression as a response to external events.
The ability to recharge is not a requirement if an external reducing system is possible.
In contrast, implicit memory might only come into play when external stimuli trigger concepts.
Conventional methods for controlling external bleeding include applying direct pressure.
If these movements are the result of unrelated external stimuli then roughly the same number should move up as down.
The major external cost that remains to be addressed is climate change.
Such pain is not created by an external stimulus and cannot be eliminated by painkillers.
Opposition to external intervention has also waned as the predicament of the rebels grows more desperate.
Funding for authors' advances may be provided by external investors hoping for a profit, as is done for films and plays.
Such external doubting might corroborate the internal doubts of literary genre.
In the simplest animals it serves mainly to generate fixed responses to external stimuli.
It would be large enough to justify the external infrastructure without which the digital marketplace cannot function.
The cues are provided by external sound and internal sensation.
The characters themselves point to external, structural causes of human misery.
There is no great violence or external adventure in the story, no extraordinary characters.

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