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Example sentences for extermination

It is only the leaders that are doing something, that are intolerant, and that require extermination at his hands.
Carnivore-livestock conflicts are no longer resolved through extermination campaigns.
The existing extermination sites in the east cannot cope with the large scale of the planned operation.
Some local scoundrel had called the animal extermination league or something, and they vanished.
There's something new and deeply awful about this campaign that distinguishes it from previous wildlife extermination efforts.
Their physical appearance, in other words, inspired his desire for their extermination.
Those who have might find this extermination approach,feasible and effective.
The onset of that is that start of our extermination.
The subtlety of the human advantage in intelligence delayed, but did not avert, the extermination.
His execution, if it comes to that, will really be more of an extermination.
In principle, then, extermination should be possible.
The answer simply will not be in extermination or trying to ignore the pleas for help from developing nations.
If home treatments do not work, professional extermination may be needed.
His friends literally have to hoodwink him into leaving so that he will avoid extermination.
We do not offer extermination services in people's houses for mice.
Establish a list of vendors who will be asked for prices for the extermination of termites as the need arises.
Extermination may be necessary if infestation is severe.
Disease producing organisms for rodent extermination forbidden.

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