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Not to speak of the damage which is not visible in a standard view of the exterior of a car.
The inferior surface is rough and irregular, and forms part of the exterior of the base of the skull.
The historic interior and exterior need tending once again, to modernize utility systems and shore up walls and roofs.
It is as much a giant sculpture as a building, the zinc exterior sliced in dozens of seemingly random lines and geometric shapes.
And there is this: a seaman's roughly made wooden trunk, perhaps four feet long, its exterior without significant decoration.
When lava flows in channels, the exterior can cool and solidify while the interior is still hot and molten.
But beyond that exterior there's also a sense that anything is possible.
The exterior of my library building is quite boring.
Similar styles of seating could be used inside and out to heighten the connection between interior and exterior spaces.
Among other exterior changes, the building received a new slate-and-copper roof and new windows.
For example, a building may use exterior walkways that also serve as sunshades.
At one end of the home-ec building, an exterior wall has been refurbished for interior use and now anchors the semicircle.
The exterior will be brick and laminated timber, with a prominent zinc roof.
Coordinate your interior and exterior colors for a harmonious feel, when possible.
He does both interior and exterior work, and both manufacturing and installation.
He is far tougher than his urbane exterior suggests.
But, behind this monolithic exterior, new minds are at work that are less reverent of tradition.
But beneath this gentle exterior lurks a truly ambitious vision.
Yet, beneath this calm exterior, there is an unhappiness that could explode during the election.
Some transmit signals from the exterior to the interior.
But those who have worked for him say that beneath the bookish exterior he is extremely tough.
Yet beneath this predictable exterior lies a true entrepreneurial instinct for the buying and selling of art.
Green homes start with a sealed envelope: places where air can flow between the interior and exterior are carefully blocked.
Commission, has authority over everything from the colour of a building's exterior to the kind of business allowed inside.
In many hot countries, telecoms firms paint the exterior of base-stations white to deflect the sun.
The architects had to replace the building's aged skeleton bit by bit, without disturbing its stone-clad exterior.
Inside, there is no hint that a century of storms have penetrated the flawless exterior.
Its orientation and aerodynamic exterior accelerate the wind and channel it underneath the station.
Motel-style lodging usually features rooms with exterior corridors, which allows guests to park outside of their accommodations.
Baked in a tall spring-form pan, the cheesecake has a golden exterior and a smooth interior.
For example, you might note that your picture is an exterior shot of a detail in a mural at a building's entrance.
Features a zippered interior pocket and four exterior patch pockets to keep all of your small essentials neatly at hand.
During the blower door test, air will be sucked out of your house by a powerful fan mounted to an exterior door.
Special connecting loops let you tie additional gear to the exterior of the pouch.
Exterior gear loops let you carry accessories with ease.
Those who couldn't see past the exterior, however, too often didn't stop to know me or let me get to know them.
It's simply mixed into to any type paint before you paint your interior or exterior walls and ceilings.
These exterior louvres act to shade the house, and make hot water.
We also opened up new opportunities to improve ride and handling, interior spaciousness and flexibility and exterior styling.
However, behind the seemingly dangerous exterior lies a molecule that is essential for human life.
One day robots will be growing our food on the roofs and exterior walls of our homes and businesses.
When the duct is distended, the spaces between the folds are dilated, so as to give to its exterior a twisted appearance.
Her exterior was all so well regulated that in her body was seen a picture of her mind, and an accomplished model of all virtues.
Yet a mighty genius lies hid under this rough exterior.
He employed in holy contemplation and prayer all the time which his exterior functions did not claim.
Minute fungi overspread the whole exterior, hanging in a fine, tangled web-work from the eaves.
It's got a stainless steel exterior that would look right at home in any modern kitchen.
Look for dents on the exterior or hinges that are unusually difficult to move.
Exterior shots showing blue skies add a levity and brightness to each show.
The exterior is made from truck tarp and the interior compartment is completely coated in waterproof urethane.
The reward of the crisp, not-yet-charred exterior and melted, gooey interior was well worth the effort.
The loaf emerges with an exterior as brittle as a breadstick but is silk-tender inside.
Reuters describes how the gel, when sprayed onto a house, causes water to adhere to its exterior.
But the simple exterior of the machines belies the complexity within.
We'll add wireless access points to the exterior of the buildings, so drivers won't have to go inside.
Here, the exterior will sport photovoltaic cells to collect solar power and make the building energy self-sufficient.
On the ground at her feet is a cracked vase whose exterior is covered with spilled water, turned to ice.
Even now the exterior paint on that house blisters in cobweb patterns.
There are leaks staining the bare concrete exterior.
In keeping with the country's architecture, the exterior of the estate is made of plain clay.
In recognition, the library announced, his name would be would be carved onto the exterior of the lion-guarded building.
Cars are an emotional purchase, and exterior design is one of the big drivers.
He had perfected his exterior beyond his wildest dreams, but the inside was something else again.
The exterior walls are constructed using eight-can units as building blocks.
They'd slid into disrepair, with chipped brown exterior walls and worn down lobbies.
The resulting proposal was a sensible building with an attractive performance space but a relatively modest exterior.
Another ten volunteers pressed against its camouflaged exterior, eyes glued to rectangular window panels.
The adventure he has in mind is both an exterior and interior question, a state of mind as much as an activity.
Translucent golden onyx slabs decorate exterior and light interior spaces.
They each have a small private chamber behind the living quarters, and outside columned portico and an exterior plaza.
For example, a certain proportion of each exterior wall will be devoted to windows.
The exterior of many of the downtown buildings are clad with imported glazed terra cotta tiles.
Its exterior, red brick and whitewashed wooden trim, evokes a schoolhouse.
Under its humble exterior there beat an honest motor.
But the three reception rooms were as libelous as the exterior.
It also plasters the exterior with these hairs, giving it a fuzzy appearance.
They put it on the same seat and lit off a controlled explosion, which sent a shock wave through the aluminum exterior.
Endogenous factors would be those internal to any social system, independent of exterior inputs.
In that case, the exterior metric could not possibly change, since the one free parameter is constant.
So your acres of algae ponds with be sharing the small amount of sunlight that hits the exterior of the building.
When they disintegrate, the rubble from their exterior becomes stony meteorites, and the core creates iron meteorites.
So if you're at the horizon, you must have got there from the exterior, and you must be heading into the interior.
These exterior parameters frame the selection coefficients which drive mutations toward extinction or sweep them up to fixation.
On the level of exterior morphology there is more perceived dominance.
In other words, they are using the building's exterior as advertising space.
Since he is a concentrated, introspective dogmatist, he is uninformed by exterior criticism.
Except for a base course of red gran- ite, the exterior wall material is red brick, graduated to a salmon-pink above.
And a computer guided the equipment that shaped the curved stone panels on the building's exterior.
For despite his hearty exterior, almost no one really knows him.
The car's chocolate-colored exterior is faded and, without a leather cover, the steering is scorching hot in the sun.
The interior is as extensively upgraded as the exterior.
Undulating balconies ripple across the exterior of the mixed-use residential high-rise.
Few exterior cues distinguish one trim level from another.
The exterior layer comprises the foreign origin, foreign transit and foreign departure sub-layers.

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